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Bluebell Walk

Join us at Bluebell Walk

Join us at Bluebell Walk on Sunday 29 April 2018 and change lives today!

Over the last year, St Christopher’s has provided care and support to over 6,500 patients and families living with a terminal illness in your community.

But there are many more people who need our support.

We’re urging you to gather your friends, family and neighbours and join us for our Bluebell Walk in support of the hospice. Without the support of people like you we can’t continue to care for the growing number of people in our community when they need us most.

We do hope you’ll join us.

Join us at Bluebell Walk

Join others of all ages for an unforgettable experience. It will be rewarding, fun – and absolutely achievable. There’s nothing quite like getting out, getting active and raising money for St Christopher’s. With a choice of walks between three and nine miles, there’s a route to suit you whatever your age or ability.

Well-behaved dogs are also very welcome! There will be live music, entertainment, food, a beer tent and refreshments at the recreation ground.

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Help us smash our fundraising target of £65,000

How the hospice helped me

Richard Carter is 52 and has lived in Orpington all his life. In 2016 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and began coming to St Christopher’s in April 2017. Richard is urging you to take part in Bluebell walk so others can benefit from our support.

Richard enjoys using the gym at St Christopher’s in Sydenham

Richard enjoys using the gym at St Christopher’s in Sydenham

"I used to be a keen runner, gardener and I walked the dog all the time. All of a sudden I became ill and was stripped of that. Using the gym at St Christopher’s has been such a positive experience for me; it’s helped me to be me again. I can work on my balance and improve my overall mobility.

I wasn’t able to go up the stairs when we moved house, I’d only been able to see half of the house. Now, thanks to the gym and physiotherapy at St Christopher’s, I’ve been able to get up the stairs and tell the kids to tidy their rooms!

St Christopher’s has been there for all of us. We’ve each had counselling which has helped us get our heads around what was happening. I learned to cope and understand what was going on which in turn helped with my mood. I’ve built great friendships with staff, volunteers and patients. I go to the gym and art therapy, I meet with nurses, and benefit from chiropody. I’ve learnt that – for me and many others – St Christopher’s is somewhere to come to live, not to die.

I’m fortunate I’ve still managed to retain a sense of humour and if that’s the last thing that goes I’ll be a happy man. Not that I’m expecting to go anytime soon!"

Join Richard for Bluebell Walk

Dealing with loss and grief

When Mandish’s son Sarayan died, Candle Child Bereavement service provided support to his brothers as they dealt with their grief.

"My son Sarayan died very suddenly on 8 June 2014 when he was three years old. We had heard through the hospital about organisations that help parents whose children have died and called lots of them for support. Jenny from St Christopher’s contacted us and told us about Candle.

My sons started to see Jenny who would take them for walks around the garden while they talked. They also went to fun days run by Candle. It’s nice for them to hang out with other children who have all been through some sort of loss, but don’t treat them differently.

St Christopher’s helped my family so much at such a devastating time in our lives, so I decided to hold a fundraising drinks party. Kashmir, my eldest son, was in charge of the money and my youngest son, Simran (Sarayan’s twin) was in charge of handing out raffle tickets. They both felt very involved – I think it did them a lot of good.

Our guests enjoyed finding out about St Christopher’s and we managed to raise enough money for 23 families to see a child bereavement worker for five sessions. When people hear that they see that a little money from everyone goes a long way.

This year we are having a Bluebell coffee morning to raise sponsorship for the Bluebell Walk, which we are all doing together as a family."

Join Mandish for Bluebell Walk

(L-R) Simran and Kashmir lost their brother Sarayan when he was just three years old

(L-R) Simran and Kashmir lost their brother Sarayan when he was just three years old

Making every moment matter

Our volunteers are a vital part of the hospice – we couldn’t do all we do without them. Betty Morgan, Christine Holmes and Gill Burgess are three of our longstanding volunteers from our Bromley site along with Peggy Gates, Anne Blanc and Marnie Collins, who all take part in our Bluebell Walk.

(L-R) Volunteers Gill, Anne, Peggy and Betty (known as ‘Little Bet’)

(L-R) Volunteers Gill, Anne, Peggy and Betty (known as ‘Little Bet’)

Betty says: "I have been volunteering for the hospice for 20 years. I have taken part in the Bluebell Walk about five times and the atmosphere is just great and most people are walking for loved ones they have lost. So many people join in, including dogs and babies, which makes it a great family fun day.

Christine says: "I have been a volunteer at the hospice for 15 years. There is a misconception that a hospice is a sad place to work, but that is not the case. It’s quite the opposite as there is a lot of laughter. Our patients tell us they enjoy the relaxed, non-clinical atmosphere and for many it is the only time during the week that they leave their homes.”

Gill says: "I have been a volunteer atSt Christopher’s for nine years now following the death of my husband Ray who was so well looked after by the nurses at the hospice.

Volunteering there makes me really happy. I particularly enjoy helping at Tea at Two – a monthly chance for carers who have lost a loved one to have a cup of tea and a chat with others in the same situation as themselves. This helps them to cope with their loss.”

Join us for Bluebell Walk

Remembering David Buckley

Thank you to David Buckley – a dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer, who inspired others to make a difference by offering their support too.

Patricia, David’s wife, says: "David knew how important the work of St Christopher’s is to so many people when they are facing the most difficult time of their life, and he gave his support unstintingly.

David helped with various hospice fundraising events over the years and, through him, with only a little arm bending but a huge amount of enthusiasm, he has inspired other members of his Rotary Club to become involved, especially with the Bluebell Walk. His passion for hospice care and the work that St Christopher’s does meant that people wanted to give their time too, and he always raised awareness of hospice care whenever he could.

Our daughters have both taken part in Bluebell Walks over the years, as they knew how important it was to their dad, and this year they will be walking in memory of him as, sadly, David died in December 2017.

It is such a comfort to know how much David’s support and enthusiasm has touched the lives of others; he always wanted to help and make what, difference he could. I am extremely proud of all he has achieved, and hope that this year’s Bluebell Walk is successful in raising vital funds for the important work that St Christopher’s do."

Patricia and David Buckley helping out at a previous St Christopher’s fundraising walk

Patricia and David Buckley helping out at a previous St Christopher’s fundraising walk

We spend your money wisely

An amazing 62% of our income comes from the communities we serve. That’s why we invest your money wisely and always for the good of patients and their loved ones.

We hope we can count on you to join us at Bluebell Walk and help us reach our £65,000 target. With your help, we’ll be able to:

  • Pay for 2 dedicated nurses

    Pay for the annual salary of two dedicated nurses, each of whom plays an essential part in caring for hundreds of patients a year
  • Fund medical equipment

    Fund the purchase of essential medical equipment, such as specialised beds for our inpatient unit
  • Train hospice workers

    Train over 200 hospice workers from other organisations, who will go on to give excellent care to hospice patients around the world
  • Support bereaved families

    Support bereaved families and children
    through the work of St Christopher’s Candle Project
  • Help lonely and isolated people

    Help reach lonely and isolated people in our communities
    through our Compassionate Neighbours scheme

If you can’t make it on the day, you can still support our fundraising and donate

Donate to Bluebell Walk

"I like to do the walk with my family and friends to raise money for St Christopher’s because my mummy died there and the money will help to look after other people and buy equipment to help them"

Join us at Bluebell Walk
William with his grandma Debbie

William with his grandma Debbie