Bookshop: Bereavement – theory and practice

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Blackman L

Loss and learning disability

Worth Publishing 2003

Buckle J L, Fleming S J

Parenting after the death of a child.  A practioner`s guide

Routledge 2011

Dyregrov K, Dyregrov A

Effective grief and bereavement support

Jessica Kingsley 2008

Firth P, Luff G, Oliviere D (eds)

Loss, change and bereavement in palliative care

Open University Press, 2005

Graves D

Talking with bereaved people: an approach for structured and sensitive communication

Jessica Kingsley 2009

Graves D

Setting up and facilitating bereavement support groups

Jessica Kingsley 2012

Moss J

Writing in bereavement.  A creative handbook

Jessica Kingsley 2012

Parkes CM, Prigerson H.

Bereavement: studies of grief in adult life. 4th edition

Penquin, 2010

Parkes CM

Love and loss. The roots of grief and its complications

Routledge 2008

Parkes C M

The price of love

Routledge 2014

Riches G, Dawson P

An intimate loneliness. Supporting bereaved parents and siblings

Open University Press, 2000

Walter Tony

On bereavement

Open University Press 1999

Worden JW

Grief counselling and grief therapy. 4th edition.

Routledge 2010

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