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Addington-Hall J, Bruera E

Research methods in palliative care

Oxford University Press 2007

This comprehensive book provides an overview of the issues involved in all types of health research, but with an emphasis on palliative care.

Clark D, Small N, Wright M, Winslow M, Hughes N

A little bit of heaven for the few? An oral history of the hospice movement.

Observatory Publications 2005

Through the stories of significant people involved in the modern hospice movement, this book explores how palliative care developed in the latter part of the 20th century.

Clark D (ed)

Cicely Saunders. Founder of the hospice movement. Selected letters 1959-1999

Oxford University Press, 2005

“In this collection of letters covering the period 1959-1999 and selected from approximately 7,000 letters that were in Cicely Saunders” archives, we learn first-hand about the development of the modern hospice movement. We do not have copies of the correspondence to Cicely Saunders which makes this book ”cool” in Marshal McLuhan’ssense: ”high in participation and completion by the audience’. The book reads like a detective story.” This excerpt is from a book review by Tom A Hutchinson, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, McGill University, Montreal, Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 2003 v26(4) p968.

Du Boulay S, Rankin M

Cicely Saunders: Updated edition

SPCK 2008

This is the current definitive biography of Cicely Saunders, founder of St Christopher’s Hospice and the modern hospice movement. It was first published in 1984 and provides a comprehensive account of her life. In this edition, the extra chapters by Marianne Rankin cover her life from 1984 until her death in 2005.

Gunaratnam Y, Oliviere D (eds)

Narrative and stories in health care. Illness, dying and bereavement

Oxford University Press 2009

“Telling one’s story “ is one of the cornerstones of the development of hospice and palliative care. Cicely Saunders recorded over 1,000 patient narratives and attributed them to the development of basic concepts in palliative care. The editors have gathered an internationally renowned group of writers to provide a wide-ranging commentary on further developments in this field.

Hayes A (et al)

Pathways through care at the end of life

Jessica Kingsley 2014

Hockley J, Froggatt K, Heimerl K (eds)

Partcipatory research in palliative care.  Actions and reflections

Oxford University Press

It analyses the wide range of social factors and differences that can affect access to services, assessment, interventions and individual and family experience as death

Larkin P J.

Compassion – the essence of palliative and end-of-life care

Oxford University Press 2016

Monroe B, Oliviere D (eds)

Resilience in palliative care: achievement in adversity

Oxford University Press 2007

This book examines the growing international research on resilience at a personal, social, organisational and community level and applies it to palliative and end of life care

Oliviere D, Monroe B, Payne S (eds)

Death, dying and social differences. 2nd edition

Oxford University Press 2011

The book is edited by Barbara Monroe, CEO at St Christopher’s, David Oliviere, Director of Education at St Christopher’s and Sheila Payne, Director of the International Observatory on End of Life Care, Lancaster University

Randall F, Downie RS

Palliative care ethics: a companion for all specialities. 2nd edition

Oxford University Press 1999

Randall F, Downie RS

End of life choices. Consensus and controversy

Oxford University Press 2010

Renzenbrink I (ed)

Caregiver stress and staff support in illness, dying and bereavement

Oxford University Press 2011

This is collection of international perspectives on the complexities and management of caregiver stress and staff support.

Saunders C, Clark D

Cicely Saunders. Selected writings 1958-2004

Oxford University Press, 2006

This book is a selection of the most important writings of Dame Cicely Saunders throughout a period of over forty years. Articles, chapters, editorials, reviews, and commentaries include important clinical themes relating to the care of dying people such as pain and symptom management, issues of communication and truth telling, and the needs of particular patient groups, such as those with cancer and other diseases. The book includes pieces that reflect on the international development of the palliative care field

Scott R, Howlett S et al

Volunteers in hospice and palliative care.  A resource for voluntary service managers. 2nd edition

Oxford University Press 2009

Useful primarily for voluntary Services Managers in small hospices, large specialist palliative care units, and in general hospitals with palliative care teams, this updated second edition covers volunteer selection, training, supervision and support, and legal and ethical considerations.

Speck P (ed)

Teamwork in palliative care

Oxford University Press 2006

St Christopher’s Hospice

Advance care plan. Personal preferences and choicesfor end of life care

St Christopher’s Hospice 2010
£1 (enquire costs for bulk purchases)

This booklet is designed to aid discussion on decision making between the patient, family and health and social care professionals when someone has a serious life limiting illness or is a frail elderly person. It can be used in any care setting. The patient keeps the document and an advice sheet for the health and social care professional is included with each booklet.

Thomas K, Lobo B (eds)

Advance care planning in end of life care

Oxford University Press 2010

This is probably the first book on this subject. It covers an overview and introduction to advanced care planning, with an emphasis on the context in the UK

Wee B, Hughes N (eds)

Education in palliative care

Oxford University Press, 2007

This book provides a review of the many aspects of current educational issues, while emphasising the particular ones that relate to palliative care

Worpole K

Modern hospice design: the architecture of palliative care

Routledge 2009

This book begins with the rise of the modern hospice movement. This is a book about what lessons the hospice movement has for new ideas about buildings for healthcare across the world. The book is suitable for architects and interior designers, estate and facility managers involved in hospice design, healthcare professionals , hospital administrators and Heath care Trust Boards.

Wykes-Joyce M

Bohusz Marian

London Drian Gallery 1977

This book has a short introduction to the work of Marian Bohusz, a Polish artist, in the Expressionist style, who was Professor of Polish art in Poland, Italy and England. He married Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of St Christopher’s Hospice in hospice in 1980 and died in the hospice in 1995. Postcards of is work are also on sale in the bookshop.

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