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Andrews J.

Dementia-the one stop guide

Profile Books 2015

Baker C

Developing excellent care for people living with dementia in care homes

Jessica Kingsley 2015

Crockett S

Activities for older people in care homes

Jessica Kingsley 2013

Downs M, Bowers B (eds)

Excellence in dementia care. Research into practice. 2nd edition.

Mc Graw Hill 2014

This textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to developing skills in working with people with dementia.  It is divided into four sections 1)principles and perspectives 2)knowledge and skills for supporting people with dementia 3)journeys through dementia care(examines a variety of settings where care takes place) and 4)embedding  excellence in dementia care.  Each chapter starts with learning objectives and finishes with a section on further information and an extensive list of references.

Gilliard J, Marshall M (eds)

Transforming the quality of life for people with dementia through contact with the natural world. Fresh air on my face

Jessica Kingsley 2012

Farming, fresh air, gardening, pet assisted therapy – just a few of the examples in this book in which people with dementia can partake.

Hayes J

Creative arts in dementia care

Jessica Kingsley 2008

This book encourages those who care for people with dementia to develop their creative skills to help people with dementia. It covers singing, story, meditation, movement – and provides case studies of environments where this work is being done.

Hockley J, Clark D (eds)

Palliative care for older people in care homes

Open University Press 2002

This provides chapters from a wide-ranging group of authors on psychosocial aspects of care in care homes.  It includes a chapter on dementia care and examples of other chapters include assessment of need in care homes, loss and change, spiritual care, the role of doctors in care homes in the Netherlands, ethics, looking after people at the time of death.

Hughes J.C

How we think about dementia

Jessica Kingsley 2014

James O

Contented dementia

Vermillion 2008

This book is about a method of assisting people with dementia and their carers to maximise their current cognitive abilities through understanding their previous life experience.

Looking ahead

St Christopher`s Hospice 2012


A document to inform future best interest decisions around end of life for people with dementia in care homes. In good quality thick paper so that it cannot be easily lost.

MacKinley E, Trevitt C

Finding meaning in the experience of dementia, The place of spiritual reminiscence work

Jessica Kingsley 2012

This book is the culmination of research working with people who have dementia and of the way they can communicate in meaningful ways with  individuals and as part of a group.

Magnusson S.

Where memories go

Hodder/Bookpoint 2014

Pace P, Treloar A and Scott S

Dementia – From advanced disease to bereavement

Oxford University Press 2011

This is an invaluable book for any doctor, nurse or other health professional who needs knowledge and practical advice on how to care holistically for people with advanced dementia. The first editor works at St Christopher’s.

The book has been reviewed in Inside Palliative Care (2011 volume 17 p19) by Celia Stamper, an Admiral Nurse.

Reddall C

Palliative care for care homes

Radcliffe 2009

This book provides an excellent introduction to the principles and practice of palliative care for staff working in care homes.  In addition there is extensive coverage of areas of physical care.  Advance care planning, issues at the time of death and care pathways are other topics covered in a clear style.

Rio R

Connecting through music with people with dementia

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2009

This short book provides helpful suggestions for helping people with dementia by using music as a therapeutic tool.

Schweitzer P, Bruce E.

Remembering yesterday, caring today

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2008

This provides information for successful development of reminiscence work in various care settings. It is based on work in Bradford. Chapters include reminiscence skills and methods, a programme and an approach to organising a reminiscence group, training and suggested topics for such groups( including suggestions on how to develop sessions on particular  topics). It finishes with a set of templates for documentation of the work.

Simard J

The end-of-life Namaste care program for people with dementia. 2nd edition

Health Professionals Press 2013

The second edition of this book provides the history and implementation of this programme that seeks to help people with dementia to stay connected with people – and to enhance their world as they approach the end of their lives.

Walsh D

Dementia care training manual for staff working in nursing andresidential settings.

Jessica Kingsley 2006

This accessible, interactive resource book encourages front-line staff working with dementia sufferers in nursing and residential settings to examine their working practice and modify it to where appropriate to meet best practice guidelines.

Welton J

Can I tell you about dementia?

Jessica Kingsley 2013

Whitman L

Telling tales about dementia

Jessica Kingsley 2010

Wishes and care preferences towards the end of life for residents in care homes

St Christopher’s Hospice 2012

A document for residents of care homes to record their wishes and preferences. In good quality thick paper so that is cannot be easily lost.

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