Bookshop: Psychosocial aspects of care

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Altilio T, Otis-Green S (eds)

Oxford textbook of palliative care social work

Oxford University Press 2011

Bayliss J

Counselling skills in palliative care

Quay Books 2008

Barnett L

When death enters the therapeutic space

Routledge 2009

Beresford P, Adshead L, Croft S

Palliative care, social work and service users. Making life possible

Jessica Kingsley 2007

Greenberger D, Padesky C A

Mind over Mood: 2nd edition

Guilford Press 2015

Kaye P

Breaking bad news

EPL 1995

Lloyd-Williams M

Psychosocial issues in palliative care. 2nd edition

Oxford University Press 2008

Moorey S, Greer S

Oxford guide to CBT for people with cancer. 2nd edition

Oxford University Press

Oliviere D, Monroe B, Hargeaves R

Good practices in palliative care. A psychosocial perspective

Ashgate 1998

Parkes C.M

Death and bereavement across cultures : 2nd edition

Routledge 2015

Petrone MA

Emotional cancer journey

MAP Foundation 2003

Reith M Payne M

Social work in end-of-life and palliative care

Policy Press 2009

Sage N

CBT for chronic illness and palliative care: a workbook and a toolkit

Wiley 2008

For further information and details please contact the Library on