Bookshop: Spiritual care

If you buy from the Bookshop at St Christopher's, you are donating to our work

The following books are available from the St Christopher’s bookshop. For further information and details please contact the Library on

Prices can change and postage will be added. All purchases support the work of the hospice.

Cobb M

The dying soul. Spiritual care at the end of life

Open University Press 2001

Cobb M, Puchalski C, Rumbold B (eds)

Spirituality in healthcare

Oxford University Press 2014

Craib I

Importance of disappointment

Routledge 1994

Frankl V

Man’s search for meaning

Rider 2004 (originally 1959)

Gilbert P

Spirituality and end of life care: a handbook on best practise in end of life care

Pavilion Publishing  2013

Hieb M

Inner journeying through art-journalling

Jessica Kingsley 2005

Jacobs M

Still small voice

SPCK 1982

Mayne M

The enduring melody

Darton Longman & Todd 2006

Neuberger J

Caring for dying people of different faiths 3rd edition

Radcliffe Publishing 2004

Nolan S

Spiritual care at the end of life

Jessica Kingsley 2012

Proot C, Yorke M

Life to be lived

Oxford University Press 2013

Stanworth R

Recognising spiritual needs in people who are dying

Oxford University Press 2003

Whorton B

Reflective caring; imaginative listening to pastoral experience

SPCK 2011

Whorton B

Voices from the hospice

Norwich Books and Music 2015

There are also articles for sale on spiritual care by Cicely Saunders and other staff at St Christopher`s ( Lunn, Stanwort , Woolgar) Contact librarian for details

For further information and details please contact the Library on