Practice development, audit and research

There are a number of practice development and research initiatives that the Care Home Project Team are involved in

Please follow the links to any that might interest you.


  1. Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial (CRCT) examining the effects of different models of facilitation when implementing the Gold Standards Framework in Care Homes programme: Julie Kinley, Louisa Stone & Jo Hockley Read abstract on 
  2. Namaste Care ProgrammeMin Stacpoole & Jo Hockley
  3. Advance Care Planning research studyLouisa Stone & Julie Kinley
  4. Systematic Literature Review – Eating/feeding issues in Dementia: Improving the dining experienceLouisa Stone (PDF), first published in 2014 in the End of Life Journal with St Christopher’s

Practice Development and Audit

Practice Development and Audit in Care Homes

  1. Family Perception of Care
  2. Integrated Personalised Plan for the last days of life (IPP)
  3. End of Life Medications as ‘stock’
  4. The use of medication to optimise symptom control in the last month of life
  5. Development of tools:
  6. Role modelling GSF principles of end-of-life care to care homes (PDF)