Sustainability initiative

A Sustainability Initiative was set up by the team in 2010 for care homes who have completed the GSFCH Programme or Steps to Success Programme in each Clinical Commissioning Group. We believe such a sustainability initiative has been successful in keeping the nurse managers interested and the workforce educated. The initiative involves:

Strategic development using ‘high’ facilitation to implement and sustain the Gold Standards Framework for Care Homes in 76 Nursing Care Homes and 23 Residential Care Homes

  • Introduction to Palliative Care Study Day for all new staff including domestics / gardeners every month
  • City & Guilds Level 2/3 Award in Awareness of End of Life Care
  • We support the care homes to maintain their portfolio plus or minus accreditation
  • Nurse Managers half-day seminars four times a year
  • Registered Managers Networks for Managers/Clinical leads three times a year
  • A facilitator regularly attends a coding/reflective debriefing meeting, in addition to this training sessions are held within the care home

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