Care Home Project Team Awards

International Journal of Palliative Nursing Awards 2017

Innovation Award 1st Prize (Sharon Scott)

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EAPC 2015

Early Researcher Award 2nd Prize (Julie Kinley)

Julie Kinley

Julie Kinley

Dr Julie Kinley, Nurse Consultant for Care Homes working at St Christopher’s Hospice in London, has received 2nd prize in the Early Researcher Award at the EAPC 2015.

Julie was appointed into this post in 2013 to lead and manage the Care Home Project Team. As well as having a research, audit and education role this team provides practice development and clinical services to over 100 care homes.

Julie initially joined the Care Home Project Team at St Christopher’s in 2008 as the research practice nurse. Her remit was to identify models of facilitation to support the sustainable implementation of the Gold Standards Framework in Care Homes programme. Answering this has involved undertaking two research studies; a Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial and a mixed methods study (PhD). The findings from these two studies, providing knowledge about process as well as outcomes, inform the model of practice the Care Home Project Team now delivers to implement end of life care programmes and then sustain the resulting cultural change in practice.

The majority of Julie’s nursing career has been in Specialist Palliative Care. She worked in this field for over 20 years. Her early career, grounded in clinical practice, highlighted to her the contribution that such a role provides to the generation and implementation of research based findings; a concept often referred to as knowledge translation. By this she means not only the transfer of research findings into clinical practice but also the importance of clinical practice driving the direction that research takes. It is this that drives her research interests.

International Journal of Palliative Nursing Awards 2015

The Development Award 2nd Prize (Jean Levy)

Over the last year Jean Levy has worked alongside 52 care home managers to help them set up robust audit systems to measure carer satisfaction with the end of life care provided by care homes. The number of homes in the audit means managers in each clinical commissioning group are able to learn together and from each other about the sorts of issues that can arise, as well as discovering what they can do better and what they are already doing very well within their individual homes.

The Care Home Project Team has just negotiated additional funding from the Burdett Trust for Nursing to extend this audit by another year.

Researcher of the Year Award 3rd Prize (Julie Kinley)

Julie Kinley conducted two research studies, which offered a unique opportunity to examine outcomes as well as the process of change in 38 nursing care homes in south-east England. Her research showed that completion of the Gold Standards Framework in Care Homes programme was significantly influenced by the approach that was provided.

While Action Learning was important, the implementation of the programme required an external facilitator who could mediate multi-layered learning at an organisational level and individual level.

International Journal of Palliative Nursing Awards 2014

St Christopher’s Care Home Project Team at IJPN Awards, credit Julian Dodd

St Christopher’s Care Home Project Team at IJPN Awards, credit Julian Dodd

In March 2014, The Care Home Project Team at St Christopher’s received three awards at the International Journal of Palliative Nursing awards in London.

The awards celebrate achievement and excellence in the work of nurses and other members of the multidisciplinary team in palliative care.

The event took place at the grand Honourable Artillery Company Museum in the centre of London.

IJPN Awards in 2014

IJPN Awards in 2014

St Christopher’s Care Home Project Team scooped the first ever Innovation Award, Dovile Milaseviciene won second prize for multidisciplinary working and Min Stacpoole won second prize in the Developmental Award category for her work on Namaste Care.

Says Julie Kinley, Nurse Consultant for Care Homes: “As a team we have worked with local care home community, learning together since we were established in 2008. The Care Home Project Team works to empower staff in care homes to adopt a greater palliative care approach in their care of very frail older people at the end of their life. The values of the team are to inspire innovation; empower others to succeed;  re-awaken a culture of caring; encourage relationship-based care and challenge perceptions of death and dying in frail older people in care homes. We believe we have made a good start!”