Creating Conversations

Creating Conversations in Croydon was set up in 2016 by St Christopher’s with funding from Croydon CCG and works with community groups to help people record their end of life wishes.

The project has specially trained volunteers who seek to encourage local people to feel more comfortable about talking openly about death and dying. After all we only get one chance to have our dying wishes met, which is why this project is so vital.

The team were particularly busy throughout Dying Matters Awareness Week, hosting a whole range of events throughout Croydon. From film screenings, to music recitals to workshops; all helping to break down the silence around death and give the people of Croydon a voice and to start thinking, talking, planning and recording their wishes. Carol Trower, the Project Lead, said: “It was a real team effort and an amazing week. We held a total of 14 events, and I’ve had people telling me how useful and informative they’d found them. We’re all very much looking forward to continuing to create conversations.”


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