Hospice Heroes Great Wall of China Trek

“You have not lived if you have not been to the Great Wall”, or so the Chinese saying goes, and its not surprising why! The Great Wall of China has been voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Stretching for 6,000km, it zig zags its way across China, snaking across mountains and through valleys.

One of the best charity treks, the Great Wall of China trek takes you through the mountains, over watch towers, historic battlement stations that are well off the tourist trail. The Great Wall provides a fantastic backdrop to some fantastic trekking.

How fit do i need to be?
This trekking challenge is all about endurance fitness rather than speed and it is certainly not a race. Try to train with your day pack on your back and get used to drinking and carrying water during your training. There is inevitably a lot of trekking up and down steps, so any step exercises will help build up your leg muscles. Take the stairs and not the lift at every opportunity! Sticking to our training plan will really pay off, as this is a challenge, not a holiday. You will be up early in the mornings and trekking for approximately 6 hours each day so good fitness is very important. This trek is achievable for most people provided they train well in advance.

Registration fee £299
Minimum sponsorship amount £3150 (50% of your sponsorship pays for the cost of your trip, and the other 50% goes to St Christopher’s)
We ask that 80% of your sponsorship is raised 12 prior to trip departure. If you would like to self-fund your costs, please get in touch.

This challenge is organised by Discover Adventure, for more details please contact the Discover Adventure team on 01722 718444

More information

Remi Knight Community Fundraiser, Fundraising

020 8768 4577

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