50 Years of UK Hospice Care Evolution

A conference series taking place over five dates in 2017

VENUE St Christopher’s Hospice, London
COST £150 per conference or series passes available for just £500 (saving £250)

Organisations or individuals can purchase a series pass for £500 securing 5 places across the 50 Years of UK Hospice Care Evolution series. If the organisation owns the pass the attendees can be different members of staff and the number of places can be allocated as you’d like across the series.

"How people die remains in the memory of those who live on"

Dame Cicely Saunders (1918-2005) The founder of St Christopher’s Hospice and the modern hospice movement

To mark the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the modern hospice movement in the UK, St Christopher’s is proud to present a series of five conferences designed to facilitate reflection on how key aspects of hospice service delivery have evolved over the past five decades

We will be considering the following themes covering 50 years of:

Each conference will give a avour of how it was in the early days, present examples of how hospices are working now and give an opportunity to consider the challenges we foresee for the future.

Upcoming conferences

Conference Two

Fifty Years of Bereavement Support

Friday 7 July 2017

Loss and grief affect us all. Since the beginning, hospices have taken a lead
in providing high quality, research-based bereavement support for families and those important to patients.
This conference will explore how theoretical models are utilised and how hospice bereavement services address the issues of loss and grief in our communities.

Fifty years of research
Conference Four

Fifty Years of Research

Friday 15 September 2017

Since the early morphine studies it has been clear that, in order to replicate effective care across the sector, hospices must be underpinned by robust and relevant research. However, palliative and end of life care research has its unique challenges.

How are hospices responding to these challenges and ensuring that our services and interventions are evidence-based?

Fifty years of care
Conference Five

Fifty Years of Care

Friday 10 November 2017

The Department of Health’s national End of Life Care Strategy, published
in 2008, highlighted the paucity of consistent high quality care at end
of life across all settings and for all populations. This has resulted in hospices exploring different and more creative ways of delivering ‘hospice’ to more people.

This conference will present new models of care delivery that are emerging in response to increased demand.

Who should attend?

These conferences are designed for anyone interested in the development of hospice care in the UK.

You may be a health or social care professional working in a hospice or in partnership with your local hospice, a senior hospice manager or local or national policy maker.

Recent conferences

Conference One

Fifty Years of Education

Friday 24 March 2017

We recently held the first in our 50 Years of Hospice Care Evolution conference series marking the 50th Anniversary of both St Christopher’s Hospice and the modern hospice movement.

The conference on education featured speakers including Prof Bee Wee, National Clinical Director for End of Life Care for NHS England who delivered an insightful keynote address on the role of hospices; whether to care or to educate.

50 years of spiritual care

Friday 26 May 2017

Dame Cicely Saunders was motivated by her Christian faith. Modern Britain is a very different place in 2017.

How have hospices responded to a multi-cultural and multi-faith society? How does secularism impact on our approach to spiritual care and the services we deliver?

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If you have any questions about this or any of our other courses, please contact the Education team who will be happy to help

020 8768 4656