A to Z of Fundraising Ideas

Can you help St Christopher's by organising an event or activity?

If you would like to raise money to support the work of St Christopher’s but don’t know how to go about organising an event please let us help you.

Listed below are just a few fundraising ideas, but don’t restrict yourself to these the possibilities are endless…

When you have decided what you would like to organise let us know and we will offer practical advice and can help by supplying posters to publicise the event, collecting tins or buckets, goods to sell and literature. Please call the Community Fundraising team on 0208 768 4575 or email fundraising@stchristophers.org.uk

Abseil Do a sponsored abseil down a bridge or tower block.
Art exhibition Organise an exhibition to display your art work or photographs and charge a fee at the door (you can also sell your work).
Assault course Organise an assault course and encourage others to enter their own team.
Auction (of promises) You can run an auction in two ways: either by auctioning donated items (e.g. signed book, meal for two) or by auctioning other people’s items for their benefit and claiming a percentage, much like an auction house.
Baby show Invite your local parent and toddler group to a baby show, charging for entry. For a larger event, approach your shopping mall and hold it in the main square.
Bad Hair Day This can be great fun to do with work colleagues and friends: worst hairdo gets a prize.
Baked bean bath Get sponsored to sit in a bath of beans and charge an entrance fee for those coming to look. You could charge fines for bathers who get out early.
Ball (fancy dress) Most large hotels have function rooms to hire for balls or fancy dress events. Or you can hire a marquee and hold the event at your own home or community club. Money can be made on ticket sales, raffles, auctions and behind the bar!
Balloon race A simple idea involving the release of helium balloons with a return address and number attached. The numbered balloon reported to have gone the furthest wins.
Barbecue A good complement to outdoor summer events.
Barn dance A dance event that encourages everyone to get involved. Get a company to provide the band and instructor and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.
Bazaar Run your own market festival, organise stalls for crafts, plants, cakes, games etc.
Beat the goalie All that is required is some football posts, a willing goalie, and prizes for scoring a goal.
Bingo A traditional game where players must listen to numbers called out from a draw and match them to numbers on their board to win a prize. Boards are easy to make or buy.
Boat trips A twist on dinner out: hire a boat on the Thames.
Bouncy castle Bouncy castles of all shapes and sizes are available to hire from various companies and are good fun for children and adults alike.
Bridge competition Run your own bridge competition with your local bridge club.
Bungee jump For those adrenaline junkies – why not get sponsored for a bungee jump off one of London’s famous bridges.

We suggest that you busk outside your company dining room, providing you have permission. To busk in public places you may need to get a licence or fill in an application form for your busking spot.

Cake sale/ coffee morning Get your friends baking! Cake sales work best at large events. Why not add a guess the weight of the cake competition, with participants paying for each guess? The winner gets the cake.
Calendars Get sponsorship to produce your own calendar; the theme is up to you. Be careful not to order too many as they must all go by January.
Car boot sale Organise a car boot sale or hire a pitch at your local boot sales (try local libraries and papers to find one near you). You can even run a raffle on the side.
Car wash Get some friends together and start a car wash in a local car park.
Carol concert Hire out your local village hall and sell tickets though advertising in local business windows, local web pages or word of mouth. Carol concerts start as early as November; make sure you leave time to practice.
Christmas card sales If you have an interest in card making why not set up a stall to sell Christmas cards for St Christopher’s Hospice. Alternatively if you would like to volunteer during the Christmas period, you can help by selling St Christopher’s Hospice’s own charity cards at various events.
Classic car show Hire a pitch and contact classic car clubs to join in. This a good crowd pleaser on a sunny day.
Coach trips Take your local club/society on a coach trip, e.g. Christmas shopping in York, the October Lights in Blackpool, or a day out to the beach.
Cooking competition This can be as formal or informal as you like and you can do it individually or in teams. Pancake Day is an ideal opportunity; see who makes the most pancakes.
Copper collection Most households have a change pot so why not have one at work. Be a little more adventurous and make a copper mile.
Craft show A brilliant idea if you know a lot of local talented craftspeople. The exhibits can range from flower arranging, to jewellery making, to balloon craft.
Cycle ride Organise a cycle ride along a famous route or in a different country. You can even make a relay race out of it. Get sponsored.
Darts marathon Get your local pub involved and organise a darts marathon. There are various fairground games to be played with darts, e.g. score over 55 and win a prize.
Dinner dance There are various options for dinner dances: sit down dinner or buffet, disco or ceilidh – the choice is yours.
Easter egg hunt A traditional game where Easter eggs are hidden in an area and children hunt for them.
Expedition For the more adventurous fundraiser, organise a trek abroad. For more information on expeditions and how to get started call our fundraising team.
Exercise bike race Get down to the gym and organise a sponsored race.
Eyebrow/head shave A good fun photo opportunity; get those extra donations by using a St Christopher’s Hospice collection bucket for any passers by at the event.
Face painting A children’s favourite at any party or fun day.
Fashion show You may approach local fashion retailers for a charity fashion show; it is an opportunity for them to advertise as well as to support St Christopher’s. Alternatively you can make your own clothes/bags/accessories and also sell them afterwards.
Fete/bazaars/jumble sales Get your friends involved and organise a fair – stalls can include nearly new clothes, cakes, face painting and tombola. Hire a bouncy castle to keep the kids entertained.
Flower show An excellent community event where keen gardeners can show off their skills to win a “best in show” or “best in category” prize. You can also include flower arranging or a miniature garden display.
Football kit day A twist on dress-down Friday: go to work/school in your football kit, charge others to take part and fine those who don’t.
Garden party/ open garden A pleasant summer social event: open your garden for all your neighbours to see. You may want to offer afternoon tea event too or even plant sales.
Guess the …?  …teddy’s name? … number of sweets in the jar? … weight of the cake? A fun game to hold at a fete and the winner receives the featured item.
Hook a frog This traditional fairground game is available from the St Christopher’s fundraising team – prizes for those who pick a marked frog and lollies for those who do not – everyone’s a winner.
Indoor market Once you have a venue you can offer your friends, neighbours and local traders a plot in your market for a small rental cost or a cut of the profits from each stall.
Jewellery making More skilled jewellers can make and sell their own produce at a fair but it can be more fun to provide the beads/sequins/necklace chains and charge people to make their own.
Karaoke A pub favourite but can be done anywhere. Karaoke machines are available to hire; all you need is a courageous singer to have the first go.
Mile of pennies As simple as it sounds: measure out one mile (in any shape you want) and place pennies side by side until the mile is complete.
Mufti day An excellent way to raise money at your school; get the kids out of uniform for one day at the cost of £1 each.
Music concert Concerts can be coordinated to suit all musical tastes, whether you want to perform yourself or hire some local bands. Tickets can be sold in advance and at the door. Why not throw in a raffle or games in the intervals?
Nature trail Map out a trail around your local area to include a diverse array of natural features and sell it to your local community or host the tour yourself.
Orienteering Charge each individual or team for a map; a nice addition for a sports/fun day.
Paintball competition An easy event to plan; use your nearest paintball centre and create teams of 5-10 amongst your friends and colleagues.
Pantomime A lot of organisation is involved in running a Panto: actors, venue, script, rehearsals, wardrobe, lights, make-up… but it is a great Christmas seller and good fun for performers and audiences alike.
Parachute jump This popular sponsored event has the potential to raise a lot of money.
Picnic in the park Organise a day for families by inviting them for a picnic in the park. You may want to sell food items or have a barbeque; it’s also a good venue for outdoor family fun games such as sack races etc.
Quiz night (picture/ trivia/ sport/ music) Make your own or use a ready-made quiz and charge a fee per person or team. Not just for the pubs – quizzes are good to use in an interval at any event.
Raffles A fundraising favourite, with ticket prices varying depending on the prizes. Local businesses may be able to donate a gift in kind.
Recipe book Make a small booklet of favourite recipes, including space for adverts if seeking sponsorship from local catering businesses.
Shoe shine Try your local high street or train station (weekdays are best) and arrange a shoe shine stall.
Sponge throwing Get your favourite teacher or boss in the stocks and charge for throwing wet sponges at them; an excellent crowd pleasing event.
Sponsored event Ideas are in abundance for sponsored events, from sponsored silences to swimming the channel – the wackier the better.
Sports competition/match Golf, pitch and putt, baseball, kite flying, frisbee, juggling, karting, log throwing, mini marathon, fun run, rowing… are some of our ideas.
Stop smoking/drinking Get sponsored for a year off booze or smoking, have a celebration at the end and invite all the sponsors to squeeze out some last minute donations.
Swear box Best in a shared office or workspace where each can catch others out
Themed nights Halloween party, Caribbean evening, fancy dress, Burns night, Irish night, mad hatters tea party, casino – or whatever takes your fancy.
Tombola A traditional game where ticket numbers ending with a 0 or 5 win a prize.
Treasure hunt Ask teams of people to take part in a hunt following cryptic clues that lead them to the “treasure”.
Treasure Island Draw a grid over a Treasure Island map and let each entrant pick a square; the person who selects the correct square is the winner.
Tuck shop A popular stall at any children’s event. Sell pick ‘n’ mix sweets and children’s drinks to keep their energy levels up.
Waxing A no-pain, no-gain experience and a great one to watch. Get sponsored to wax your chest.
Wheelbarrow race Another opportunity for fancy dress. You can hire wheelbarrows in bulk to use for races. It is excellent for getting the neighbours together to take part or to watch.
Wine tasting evening Invite your friends and colleagues for a wine tasting evening. You can either do this in your own home or at a centre that provides expert tips and information on wine tasting.
Your ideas We would be very interested to hear your own ideas and happy to help you in any way we can.
Zip slide Zip slides are great fun where you slide over a river or any large space suspended from a wire. Please note that events like this will carry a fee for the hire of equipment and instructor.