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Planning is fundamental in running a successful event – whether you run a marathon or do a car boot sale, first of all make sure you are able to do it and give yourself plenty of time to prepare! Think about who you would like to target and how you will gain sponsors or sell tickets in the time you have to reach your fundraising target.  Here are some tips:-

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A few basic facts about your event can be very persuasive to a potential guest or sponsor.

Whether you are asking them in person or writing to them, make an effort to communicate the following:

  • Why you are fundraising – perhaps you have a personal connection you can tell them about?
  • What you are doing – no matter what it is, this can be very inspirational and encouraging.
  • Why you are doing it – is it memory of a loved one?
  • What St Christopher’s Hospice will do with the money – let them know what we do:
    • St Christopher’s Hospice provides care, support, and new opportunities for people diagnosed with a terminal illness and those close to them.
    • Our services include: nursing, physiotherapy, complementary therapies, social activities, bereavement support, welfare advice, education & research.
    • From every pound raised, 93p will go directly towards St Christopher’s care services and development.
  • Provide contact details of the fundraising team who can provide more information to them.

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Sponsorship Forms

If you are doing a sponsored event, our St Christopher’s Hospice sponsorship forms are an easy way to record all donations received and pledged.

These forms also contain a gift aid declaration, for which we can claim gift aid (an additional donation from the Inland Revenue) if sponsors tick the gift aid box – they must include their surname and initial(s), house number and full postcode (not their work address) in order for a claim to be successful.

You can also gain sponsorship by setting up your own online fundraising page via or

If you want to make that little bit extra why not try

  • St Christopher’s collection boxes or buckets at your event
  • Selling St Christopher’s merchandise
  • Charging entrance fee or asking for a suggested donation.

Please call for any assistance planning your event; we will do our best to help you make it as successful as possible.

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If your event is well planned it is possible to get sponsorship from local businesses. Usually they will offer funding in return for advertising or renaming the event. Try to approach companies connected to your activity, e.g. sports retailers for a charity football match. Existing contacts you may already have are a good place to start; if they are unable to sponsor or attend your event, suggest they make a donation or give a gift in kind.

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How you advertise will depend on guest capacity – St Christopher’s can offer advertising on our website and in the windows of our shops if you give us a draft of your poster/advert to which we can add our logo.

For large events, contact local press and entertainment guides, you may be able to get free advertising.  If you plan to do this you will need to give a minimum of two weeks’ notice and make sure that St Christopher’s Hospice and any sponsors are aware of your progress.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, so tell your friends, work colleagues, local schools, pubs, churches and neighbours to help spread the word.

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Large Events

If you are planning a larger event it is a good idea to set a budget – be careful of hidden charges. Some venues and companies may reduce their fee for charity events; we can provide you with letters of authenticity to support this.  Large events can make lots of money through ticket sales; and are also an excellent opportunity for running auctions and raffles – business contacts may be able to provide you with some prizes or “promises” (e.g. a meal for two) possibly in exchange for displaying their logo.  You will be surprised with what you can gain if you ask!


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