Funeral donations

Choosing donations instead of flowers

Some people prefer to ask for donations for their favourite charity at a funeral in lieu of flowers. If you choose to collect donations for St Christopher’s, there are three ways this can be done. You can choose one way or a mixture of all three methods. Sometimes funeral directors can help you with your wish to organise funeral donations so do mention it to them.

All donations that the Hospice receives are recorded to the memory of the person who has died and are acknowledged with a personal thank you letter if an address is provided.

In memory collection envelopes

These gift aid envelopes make it easy for those attending the service to make donations

St Christopher’s can provide you with donation envelopes which can be given to family and friends before or on the day of the funeral. Cheques or cash can be put in the envelopes and where appropriate, we can also claim Gift Aid on these donations if the supporter is eligible for the scheme and they are filled out correctly.

There is instruction on the envelopes themselves and Gift Aid is explained in our FAQs section.

Create a Tribute in memory of a loved one

Create an online fundraising page

Personalise a donation page in a few simple steps and ask family and friends to join you in celebrating the life of a loved one. You can make your page at

Create an on-going Tribute Fund

Tribute funds allow any money raised, be it from sponsored events, setting up a regular gift or organising your own event, to be added to the same fund. Fill out our online Tribute Fund form.


If you would like our in memory collection envelopes or have any questions on how to donate or fundraise in memory of a loved one, please email or telephone 020 8768 4575