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Build entrepreneurship, creativity, teamwork and initiative- get going with money growing with our Flourishing Fivers challenge!

How does the Flourishing 5ivers Challenge work?

The challenge encourages young people to practise entrepreneurship,creativity, teamwork and initiative by raising money for St Christopher’s in four simple steps

Flourising Fivers - step 1

Step 1

Once your school/organisation has decided to get involved, we lend £5 to anyone who is taking part in the challenge

Flourising Fivers - step 2

Step 2

They think up creative and enterprising ideas how to use their £5 to make more money

Flourising Fivers - step 3

Step 3

They then have five weeks to use their ideas to grow the money for St Christopher’s

Flourising Fivers - step 4

Step 4

The money raised by the challenge is then donated towards helping to deliver all of the vital end of life care services that St Christopher’s provides

How can you take part?

To take part, just download and complete the form below and send it back to us. We’ll then send you your special fundraising pack packed with useful advice and details about the challenge.

If you have any questions, please contact our Fundraising Team who’ll be glad to help you – call 020 8768 4575 or email

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