The work volunteers do for us contributes enormously to the range of services we can offer patients and families; without them we could not do all that we do

We value our volunteers and support them through training that prepares them for the areas in which they choose to work.

“Nobody else just sits with me.”

Patient comment on volunteer support

We are always looking for volunteers from across all of the five boroughs which we cover

At present, we are particularly looking for volunteers to support our patients and families from the London Boroughs of Bromley and Croydon. Please complete the application form in the usual way.

Why become a volunteer at St Christopher’s Hospice

Some find the experience and confidence they gain from working at St Christopher’s a useful stepping stone on the way to a rewarding career. Other people bring us a lifetime’s experience.

In 2011 we trained a further 120 patient-facing volunteers on our 12-session course and now have nearly 400 trained volunteers supporting the Inpatient Unit, Anniversary Centre, and patients and carers in their own homes. All are supported by a newly appointed volunteer officer.

“I came to this after my kids had gone to Uni. For the first time in my life I’m able to think of giving something back and also developing my own lifelong interest in becoming a social worker.”


The training our volunteers receive

We continue to work in partnership with local hospitals on volunteer training and are considering developing a jointly accredited course.

Trained volunteers will be vital to our new pilot project with Croydon Social Services to provide a social care agency service to people in the last year of life.

“I view myself completely differently – I know I now have the capacity to develop myself for a future professional role.”


Volunteering Opportunities

St Christopher’s volunteers provide vital support in all areas of our work, including, increasingly, patient-facing roles. They take our message and a sense of confidence out into the community and bring back important insights.

Patient facing volunteers

Volunteers provide invaluable help with a variety of tasks including listening, hospitality, information, eating and drinking, toilet visits and bathing. They also give social and practical support including companionship at home, a drink at the pub, taking people to hospital appointments and shopping.

St Christopher’s are also currently looking to recruit volunteers to provide the following complementary therapies: massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.


“I have not felt ‘listened to’ before.”

Patient comment on volunteer support

Non patient facing volunteers

The Hospice plays host to many fundraising events throughout the year, and volunteers can get involved in many ways, from manning stalls to marshalling at events. Volunteers can also get involved in researching and planning events as well as related administrative tasks.


Corporate volunteers

Many companies that have done this type of work for us really enjoy doing something different for the day and getting their teams working on a different project, there appear to be some great team building opportunities.


More information

For more information, please contact HR

020 8768 4677

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