The bathing and hairdressing service at St Christopher’s Hospice

This leaflet explains what you can expect from the bathing and hairdressing service at St Christopher’s. We hope to answer the most commonly asked questions. If you have any more questions please ask your doctor or nurse.

1 The Anniversary Centre

The Anniversary Centre, opened in 2009, was designed to create a clean modern environment for St Christopher’s patients and their families. It provides a range of outpatient medical, nursing and support services for people coping with lifelimiting illnesses and their carers. This leaflet tells you about bathing and hairdressing services in the Centre and how you can make use of them.

We value the different backgrounds, cultures, faiths and life experiences of every individual and want to do what we can to make you feel welcome. If you need the services of an interpreter, please let the Centre receptionist know. As a St Christopher’s patient, you can also make use of a wide range of other services in the Anniversary Centre. Your nurse will be able to tell you more – just let him or her know if you are interested, or see our Anniversary Centre leaflet.

2 The Anniversary Centre bathing service

How does the assisted bathing service work?

The bathing service is available for patients under the care of St Christopher’s between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

We understand that for some people with advanced illness bathing can become difficult. The Anniversary Centre has two bathrooms with specially designed baths which can be used by people who want to be able to have a bath in safety and comfort. The bathrooms are adapted especially for use by disabled patients but we have not got the space or access for equipment that would enable us to bathe patients who are unable to stand or need to be dried while lying on a flat surface. So if this applies to you we will discuss with you what other support we may be able to provide.

We assess all patients referred to the bathing service and prioritise people according to need. The service is becoming more popular and we want everyone who needs it to benefit from it. So from time to time, we may have to change the frequency of your baths or ask you to take a break if someone with a greater need has been referred to us.

After the initial assessment on your first visit, our Anniversary Centre nursing staff will review your care needs with you regularly.

Bathing by yourself or with the help of a family member

If you feel able to have a bath safely by yourself, or would prefer a family member to help you, you can book one of the bathrooms by phoning the Anniversary Centre nursing team on the number below. One of the nursing team will make an appointment to meet you at the Centre and will carry out an assessment of your needs. This will involve showing you how to use the bathroom and the equipment in it. You will then be able to book a bathroom on a regular basis. One of our Anniversary Centre nursing team or a trained volunteer will greet you at each visit to make sure that you have everything you need. Should there be any problems while you are having a bath, you will be able to use the alarm and someone will be on hand to help you.

3 Nail cutting service

A nail cutting service is available. Please let us know if you would like to make use of it.

For more information, please contact the Anniversary Centre nursing team on 020 8768 4612.

4 The Anniversary Centre hairdressing service

The Anniversary Centre also has a purpose-built hairdressing salon. A qualified hairdresser is available most weekday mornings. This service is available for all patients under St Christopher’s care. There is a small charge for having your hair done – ask your nurse for the current prices.

For more information or to book a hair appointment, please contact the Anniversary Centre co-ordinator on 020 8768 4747.

5 Transport

We ask that people make their own way to and from the Anniversary Centre at St Christopher’s. Please see our transport leaflet for information about alternative transport arrangements if needed.