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2015 Project: Rubens and His Legacy - Celebrating Life, Death, Legacy and Art

Rubens 'Easter Tide'

Rubens ‘Easter Tide’

Our annual collaboration with the Royal Academy of Art this year is exploring life, death, legacy and art through a series of displays, talks and workshops, both at St Christopher’s and the Royal Academy of Art in London’s Piccadilly.

With legacy as a major strand of the Royal Academy’s current Rubens exhibition, the collaboration will examine how art and care can provide people who are dying with a sense of remaining.

Patients from St Christopher’s attended two workshops and were shown around the Reubens exhibition at the Royal Academy (RA) earlier this month.  RA artist educators Becky Jelly and Harry Baxter talked about the exhibition and facilitated the afternoon workshop.

A series of triptychs representing ‘Birth, Life, and Death’, completed by patients in the RA workshops and also here at St Christopher’s morning arts groups, will be displayed at the Royal Academy on Friday 27 March as part of a day celebrating ‘Life, Legacy and Art’. The artwork will then be displayed at St Christopher’s in Sydenham during April and May.

As part of the project, artist Whitney McVeigh came to St Christopher’s to film and interview women at the end of their life, talking about their experience and memories of birth.  Eight patients took part in the filming of the piece, entitled ‘Birth, origins at the end of life’, and although the experience was emotional at times, the patients were pleased to have the opportunity to talk about their experiences, leave a legacy for family, and feel that their experiences were of value and interest to others.

An excerpt from the film was shown at the RA on 27 March and thereafter may be exhibited in galleries or museums, at film festivals, or aired on radio or television.

The Royal Academy’s day celebrating ‘Life, Legacy and Art’ on Friday 27 March 2015 featured:


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