Remembrance service, St Christopher’s Hospice, Sydenham


3 December 2017
St Christopher's Hospice, 51-59 Lawrie Park Road, London, SE26 6DZ

Our remembrance events provide opportunity to remember loved ones and absent friends by dedicating a light on our trees of remembrance

Remembering people who have died is a natural response to an experience of bereavement. Memories can make us smile or leave us with sadness. All these memories are important.

Every year, people gather with us before Christmas to recall those who have died under our care as well as others who may never have been known to St Christopher’s.

The short service, which will lead to the lighting of the remembrance lights on the tree, will be inclusive for everyone. We know some will come with a belief and want to have that recognised; others will simply want the opportunity to remember in silence.

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