Remembering with Ribbons

By dedicating a ribbon, you will be honouring the memory of your loved one as well as raising vital funds for the hospice

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Helma’s story

Helma and her family will be attending their second Remembering with Ribbons this year. They will be celebrating the memory of Helma’s husband, Martin, who died at St Christopher’s in March 2017.

Helma said, “Martin suffered from a degenerative neurological condition and received support from St Christopher’s for over a year. I could write an essay about the amazing care we received before he died, but also about the support we still receive including bereavement counselling. If I had to sum up it up, I would say that, in Martin’s final days, St Christopher’s gave us back the old Martin. We could stop being his carers and just enjoyed spending family time with him. Now we are being helped to discover how to lead our lives without him.”

“I feel extremely grateful for the tremendous support St Christopher’s has given our family and continues to do so, and for the difference it has made to our lives in difficult times. I love coming back to St Christopher’s as it feels like a home from home for me. Events like Remembering with Ribbons give us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our memory of Martin. It’s a really lovely day and even though there are other families taking part, it still feels like a very personal and private occasion for us to remember him.”