Remembering with Ribbons

By making a dedication to Remembering with Ribbons you will be helping St Christopher’s to continue providing care for our patients and their families

As part of the dedication, we also invite you to join us for an afternoon tea at the hospice so you’re able to hang your ribbon, remember your loved one and enjoy our gardens with people who have also experienced loss.

The afternoon teas will be held on:

  • Fri 28 July, 2pm-4pm St Christopher’s Sydenham
  • Mon 31 July, 2pm-4pm St Christopher’s Bromley

If you’re not able to make these dates the ribbons will be on display through the month of August so please come along to see them.

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Jess helps her daughter, Ruby, remember her Great-Grandmother, Great Nana

Ruby (aged 6) is remembering her Great Nana with her pink ribbon this summer. Great Nana died in October 2016 and it wasn’t always possible to see her as much as Ruby wanted due to her illness and the distance between them. As her mum Jess explains:

She still remembers her clearly and she’s not upset by her death. She feels that Great Nana went to sleep and it’s a good, easy way for her to understand what has happened and her lack of distress is a great comfort to me as well.

Sadly we can’t visit the grave as often as we’d like so the ribbons are a lovely way to celebrate Great Nana’s life. It’s a colourful, positive thing to do and I know Ruby is going to love it. We will have fun picking out the ribbons and thinking of the one that Great Nana would have wanted.

Even though they didn’t have a lot of time together Great Nana added colour to Ruby’s life and I’m glad she still remembers her. She has a picture of her Great Nana in her bedroom and always says “goodnight” to her.