Clever engineering skills help one of our young adults write and draw again

Volunteer Dave Perry has used his engineering background to give one member of the Young Adults Group a chance to express himself

Junior attends the Young Adults Group, who meet in the Anniversary Centre every Saturday for a day of activities, games, relaxation and meeting friends.

Seeing that Junior could not join in the art sessions, as he wasn’t able to hold anything in his hands, led dave to invent a structure out of toy construction bricks and a nger stool. As Junior can make the tops of his arms move, he was able to write and draw using the device for the first time since he became ill.

Not content with that, dave has gone on to refine his invention, adding a stylus so Junior can communicate using his phone and a ‘skateboard’ with added support to make it easier for Junior to move his hand around when drawing.

Dave has volunteered with St Christopher’s for the last 18 months, working in fundraising, the Anniversary Centre and the Young Adults Group. Dave, a retired biochemist/engineer, was born in Forest Hill and remembers seeing St Christopher’s being built.

Having had experience, through a close family member, of the support St Christopher’s gives, dave was keen to give something back and enjoys being able to meet new people and do new things.

Junior at the Young Adults Group