The trip of a lifetime

Rose celebrates her 50th wedding anniversary in style

A couple of weeks ago, Rose and Bill celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in style with a trip on the Orient Express, an experience Rose had wanted to enjoy for many years and which they had been planning for a long time.

When Rose was admitted to the hospice for pain management she was determined not to miss her trip and it became a goal for Rose, her family and the team at the hospice to make it happen. With the support of her consultant, the nursing staff and social worker, Sheila Nazran, Rose was able to fulfill her wish. Rose’s team only had a week and a half before the trip to prepare Rose physically and psychologically for the experience. They were all encouraging and supportive of Rose, telling her that she would get there and joking that they would have to use her ticket for themselves if she didn’t. On the day, Rose and Bill travelled in luxury on board the Belmond British Pullman all the way from London Victoria to Bath. Rose described her journey on the Orient Express with her husband as the best day of her life.