Volunteer Story: Ann Cantore

Ann is retiring from volunteering with us at 92 years young

Ann Cantore is 92 years old and has volunteered at St Christopher’s in Sydenham for 28 years

Ann, who is due to retire from her position in the coming weeks, has to take two buses to get to the hospice each Thursday.

Ann says: “In October 1987, when I was 64, I applied to volunteer at St Christopher’s. I found a department that suited me – salaries – and have stayed there for 28 years, enjoying every day I come in to work”.

Ann has been a great help in assisting her colleague, Irene Smith: “I help with everything and anything that Irene throws at me and have done as long as she has been working here,” Ann tells us, “I enjoy that the work is varied and testing.”

Ann’s role sees her perform a range of tasks. Irene says: “She has been doing a very important job counting money for floats for the fetes and is in complete charge of petty cash and bank nurses’ time sheets. She also helps anybody else out if needed.”

Ann has particularly enjoyed the social aspect of volunteering at St Christopher’s, and with nearly three decades at the hospice, has got to know lots of faces. “I like mixing with the other employees and volunteers, and not just the old ones; with a mixture of people!”

Ann doesn’t plan to slow down when she finishes her work at the hospice. “I do other volunteer work too, with the Church, which I will keep going. I’m always busy!”

Ann has made a real impression upon her colleagues in the payroll department and Irene says: “I will miss her very much as she has been a perfect volunteer and friend.”


"I will miss her very much as she has been a perfect volunteer and friend"

Irene Smith, Salaries Department