Training for organisations

At St Christopher’s the integration of care, education and research is important in carrying out our mission

Quality End of Life Care for All (QELCA©)

The ‘Quality End of Life Care for All’ (QELCA©) programme is an innovation in end of life care education.

It has been designed by St Christopher’s Hospice to enable and empower teams of health and social care practitioners from acute, community or care home settings to lead on the delivery of high quality care to patients and families at the end of life.

Care Homes

The Care Home Project Team works to empower staff in care homes to adopt a greater palliative care approach in their care of very frail older people at the end of their life.

The aim of the Care Home Project Team is to empower staff to adopt a greater palliative care approach in order that for frail older people an active response to dying is highlighted and thus not ignored.