17 March 2017

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Meet our new Trustee: Eleanor Brown

After nearly 40 years in the health sector Eleanor still believes the patient is central to the development and delivery of care services.

Eleanor Brown

She first trained as a nurse at St Thomas’ Hospital before training as a health visitor. During her management career she has worked at many levels within the health service and was one of the first neighbourhood managers managing district nurses and health visitors. She moved on to be the Chief Executive of South Lambeth Primary Care Group (PCG and held director positions in Lambeth and, later, Bromley Primary Care Trusts (PCTs. She has also been primary care lead for the new GP contract in the South East London Health Authority.

More recently Eleanor was the CEO for the Nelson Commissioning Group in SW London and Chief Officer, Merton Clinical Commissioning Group. During her time in SW London

Eleanor worked with a group of professionals from the health and social care sector to develop and commission end of life care services. Eleanor enjoys having fun with family and friends, gardening, the opera, dancing and reading.

In retirement Eleanor is visiting more of the wonderful art and theatre we have in London as well as getting out for walks and seeing friends.

“Becoming a St Christopher’s Trustee is a great honour,” said Eleanor, “I first heard of the work of Cicely Saunders when I was training as a nurse and I hope to use my experience and skill to support the work of St Christopher’s in the future.”

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