25 September 2018

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Mwandida and Daria’s stories

How international students are gaining new skills from our education programme

MP Academy Mwandida

Mwandida Nkhoma, Team Leader at the Palliative Care Support Trust in Malawi and Bursary Student at St Christopher’s (pictured, main image): “Though palliative care is relatively new in Malawi, my training at St Christopher’s has made a huge difference. Provision of palliative care services are of a high quality because of the different skills, knowledge and attitude gained from St Christopher’s.”

MP Academy Daria

Daria Barna, Psychologist at Hospice Emanuel in Romania and Bursary Student at St Christopher’s (pictured, left): “Over 90% of the patients who need palliative care in Romania die in pain and with no professional support and our aim is to lower this number. The multi-professional week at St Christopher’s was a wonderful way of equipping me so I can do my part in making this great vision a reality.”

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