25 September 2018

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Stuart’s story

Stuart is the Principal of the BRIT School who work closely with St Christopher's

“As the Principal of the BRIT School I can honestly say that St Christopher’s has changed the lives of every single student and member of staff who has worked there.

“We have written plays, composed songs, choreographed dances, painted murals, built sculptures and recorded radio shows. But mainly we have shared stories. Stories of love, of music, our history, our disappointments, our pets, our fears and triumphs.

“We have built beautiful bridges across the generations, cultures and experiences. Above all I think that everyone who has taken part in the storytelling collaborations has been brave. Brave to share, brave to listen and bravest of all to face uncertain futures.

“Only this morning I met a young 17-year-old singer from Liverpool who moved to Croydon to attend the school. I asked her what was her highlight of her first year at the school. This girl had performed at festivals, had her original songs performed in major theatres, had been a backing singer for a recording artist and used our state of the art studios. She said her highlight was working with St Christopher’s where she co-wrote a song with one of the people who attends the Day Centre. She said the experience changed her life and that being at St Christopher’s made her feel full of love. I think that’s a very special thing. Long may it continue.”

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