9 March 2022

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Rose’s Story

Rose volunteered at our Sydenham shop for more than 25 years!

Following the death of her husband, Rose Lane dedicated her life to two things – her volunteering for St Christopher’s and her family. Such was her commitment, that she never missed a shift at the charity shop nor a relatives’ anniversary.

Daughter-in-law Mandy Lane, speaking on behalf of her husband Alan and the rest of the family, said Rose’s recent death was unexpected despite her age and had left a great sense of loss.

“Rose was absolutely lovely. She was 90 but she had never been in hospital before – never really had an illness. She was such a caring lady and always put others before herself.”

Rose Lane and team at Sydenham store
Rose and the team at the Sydenham shop where she worked for almost 30 years

Mandy says that Rose, who until recently lived all her life in Penge, wanted to give something back after St Christopher’s cared for her husband at the end of his life more than 30 years ago.

Working two days a week in one of our shops for more than 25 years, certainly repaid any debt Rose might have felt she owed and it her earned an award presented by our patron Princess Alexandra. But, as Mandy says, it was much more than just a sense of duty that motivated Rose.

“She felt it was a real connection to him and it kept her going because she had some really lovely friendships through it. It was a way of socialising and keeping going.”

She felt it was a real connection to him

With Mother’s Day approaching, Mandy says that it was Rose’s other major commitment – to her family – that also dominated her life.

“She was a mother, grandmother and great grandmother and never forgot a birthday – they all have special memories of her, playing games for hours on end, whether it was Monopoly or cricket,” adds Mandy.

Rose Lane Sydenham Store volunteer

Rose would always prepare a huge tea for her sons and grandsons when they were going to watch their beloved Crystal Palace.

“Honestly, I couldn’t have had a better mother-in-law, she really was fantastic.”

Do you remember Rose from her nearly three decades at our charity shop in Sydenham? You can donate in her memory and share your memories here at

For Mother’s Day we have opened a dedicated space for people to remember their mums. Click here to share your tribute.

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