2 February 2023

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Angela’s Story

Newly qualified nurse, Angela Embaló, tells us how our free community of practice has built her competence and confidence

Angela Embalo

After a number of years working as Health Care Assistant both in the community and in care homes, Angela Embaló started a nursing degree in London in 2021. Working in a care home in Croydon meant Angela had already experienced courses at St Christopher’s and received regular updates about the education offer. The timing of the launch of the Newly Qualified Nurses Community of Practice, could not have been better for Angela.

“I really liked the idea of a year-long programme, rather than just one-off sessions. I was attracted by the holistic approach,” Angela adds.

“At university they do teach us about death and dying, to an extent, but there are things that only this course can give me what I am looking for.”

She says that a good example of this is the approach to challenging topics like sensitive conversations about death and dying. “On this course I have learned different techniques for tackling difficult conversations from people who have had lots of experience of doing it, rather than just learning from a textbook.”

Angela says that covering this subject, as well as others like delirium and symptom control, in an in-depth and practical way has given her the tools and the confidence to feel like she can manage situations sensitively and effectively and that she is now considering palliative care as one of the areas in which she might like to specialize when she qualifies.

“Recently, when I was on a placement, I was shadowing a more senior nurse and we were caring for a lady who was dying, and I was able to take care of the situation much better than if I had not been on the community of practice for the last year. In fact, the other nurse was the one asking me questions!”

Angela says she would strongly recommend the community of practice to any fellow student nurse or one who is newly qualified.

“No matter what area you are working in there is so much to gain. It is a well needed course that has a lot to offer not just for nurses specializing in palliative care and a lot we can all use day to day.”

Angela had imagined she’d just complete the year but is hoping that her busy schedule studying and continuing to work at the care home will allow her to continue for a second year with the community of practice so she can further boost her competence and confidence.

There’s still time to join one of our monthly meetings. Find out more and book your place here.

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