10 August 2023

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Meet our new Trustees

Satvinder Reyatt & Glenda Bonde

Read about our new trustees and their experiences

A former nurse who completed part of her training at St Christopher’s and is now a leader in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), and a People and Organisational Development  professional with a wealth of experience n health and social care, are the latest expert additions to the St Christopher’s Board of Trustees.

While their motivation comes from different sources, Glenda Bonde, Director of EDI at Terence Higgins Trust and Satvinder Reyatt, Executive Director of People, Finance and Governance at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, share a desire to support the hospice and its workforce in delivering on its commitment to provide quality palliative and end of life care for all.

Glenda’s experience has been shaped by her time in frontline nursing, while for Satvinder it’s events in her private life that make this appointment particularly meaningful.

“It feels like I am coming full circle and, through my work in HIV and AIDS I know that a lot of people have a death that is not dignified,” says Glenda, adding: “For me it’s about the influencing the outcomes for people using services, helping them to get the best experience for them and ensuring we make everyone feel they belong and don’t feel like an outsider or a burden.”

Satvinder says: “I had a family member who didn’t receive the care and support they deserved at the end of life. Going through that experience and the impact it has on me and my family emphasised the importance of good holistic end of life care.

“I’ll be trying to match up what I’m passionate about with what St Christopher’s is trying to do in terms of colleague engagement and how that can be improved, as well as articulating the strategy and vision of the hospice so that each department and individual within it understands how they are contributing to that wider ambition and goals.”

Satvinder Reyatt
Royal College of Occupational Therapists. Picture: Danny Loo/CPG Media
Glenda Bonde
Glenda Bonde, Director of EDI at Terrence Higgins Trust

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