15 November 2023

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Anne’s story

Life’s lottery convinces Anne to donate every month

Anne Burrell Lottery supporter

Living in South East London all her life, Anne Burrell has always been aware of St Christopher’s. Now, as she and her friends and family reach a certain age, that awareness has been brought into sharp focus and Anne has committed to supporting the hospice in the best way she knows how – investing in our lottery every month.

In fact, when the mother of her oldest friend was nearing the end of her life in the run-up to Christmas 2022, Anne decided to buy presents for fewer people and commit the money to the hospice instead.

“It just made me think about what was really close to my heart and I decided that supporting St Christopher’s was bigger,” says Anne, who lives in Beckenham, close to her 90-year-old mother.

Anne, 56, works part-time for Boots opticians, alongside supporting her mother to live as independently as possible.

“What happened to my friend’s mother made me realise how precious my time is with my mum, and how lucky I am to be able to spend this time with her.

“I’d known my friend’s mother pretty much my whole life. She was in a care home and when she became ill, she really wanted to go to St Christopher’s. When she was admitted there, my friend said she could finally relax. She felt reassured because she knew she was in a place that is filled with care and compassion.”

Having been a long-time supporter of a national cancer charity, Anne said what with her friend’s mother, a cousin and another friend all with serious illnesses, everything seemed much closer to home and she wanted to support an organisation rooted in the local community.

“I bought a few presents for some of my friends but then I saw the lottery and thought, what a great way to give money regularly even if it’s not a huge amount. Christmas shopping can be such a stress too, so this seemed like a great idea.

“I feel a part of the community I live in and would like it to be there for me or one of my family members if we ever need it. It feels like I am doing something meaningful.”

Anne will definitely be keeping up with her monthly payments to St Christopher’s, but hasn’t decided yet who’s on her Christmas list this year!

“I’ve got three people being treated for cancer at the moment and I guess we all have to accept it at some point, we just don’t know when we’ll need St Christopher’s care. If everyone could just pay what they can afford every month then we’d be sure it would be there for everyone. I’ve heard such brilliant stories about how people feel so cared for. And I even had a little win on the lottery and treated myself to a coffee and a croissant.”

If, like Anne, you would like to support a fantastic local organisation and be in with a chance of the odd cash windfall, play the St Christopher’s lottery

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