19 December 2023

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Sheila’s lottery story

Sheila tells us why the lottery is a great way to remember someone.

It’s four years now since her fitness club friend, AJ Sheppard, died at St Christopher’s, but Sheila Hearsum remembers her every Sunday morning as she works out with their group in Dulwich Park

That’s not the only way she remembers AJ though.

“After AJ passed away at the hospice, I thought the St Christopher’s lottery was a great way to contribute and to remember her. It’s a very worthy cause and a much-needed facility,” Sheila adds.

Sheila recalls how AJ, who’d been to Africa to help with a cheetah conservation project, was delighted that she got the chance to pet cats while she was at St Christopher’s.

While she’s yet to have a major windfall from the lottery, Sheila’s very happy to keep playing regularly.

“Another friend of mine was cared for there some time ago too and I just think it’s a really good charity to give to every month.”

You too can remember someone special, help us provide care and support for people at the end of life, and be in with a chance of winning up to £1500 every month. Simply click here.

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