St Christopher’s Bromley

Boundary Cottage, home of the hospice in 1987

Boundary Cottage, home of the hospice in 1987

South Bromley HospisCare was set up in 1984 with close support from Dame Cicely Saunders (the founder of St Christopher’s) to provide palliative care to those living in the south of Bromley.  Only the north of the London Borough of Bromley was covered by St Christopher’s at this point. From the very beginning St Christopher’s provided inpatient beds for those under the care of South Bromley HospisCare – a practice which has continued ever since.

South Bromley HospisCare changed name to Harris HospisCare in 2002 in recognition of the support Lord and Lady Harris had given to the hospice since it began and the gift given towards the building of Caritas House.

St Christopher’s Hospice merged with Harris HospisCare in 2008.  Since then the two organisations have worked together in partnership sharing skill set and resources, led by one board of trustees and senior management team.  As time has passed the two organisations have worked together ever more closely as the St Christopher’s Group.

Harris HospisCare changed its  name to St Christopher’s Bromley in October 2013 to acknowledge the significance of the combined Bromley-wide services now sited under one roof at Caritas House managed by St Christopher’s.  The inclusion of the word ‘Bromley’ beside St Christopher’s name emphasises the Bromley base for these services at Caritas House.