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Teach with CARE – improve your teaching practice

  • Are you passionate about teaching in health and social care?
  • Do you want to fine tune your teaching practice?
  • Would you like to introduce innovations in your approach to learning?  

Teach with CARE is a four-day course combining online and in person teaching spread over several weeks.

The course considers different perspectives of adult learning and pedagogy.

The sessions introduce best practice techniques including planning; presenting; resourcing; questioning; assessing and evaluating teaching across the four days.

Learners will also look at online educational tools for effective teaching as well as evaluating best practice for face-to-face and online teaching. They will have the opportunity to plan and share a short teaching session and receive supportive feedback.

“Teach with CARE has been developed to secure quality end of life education for the future. Learners will develop teaching skills that are reflective of best practice, in keeping with St Christopher’s ambitions for education. Through Teach with CARE we aim to secure a future of palliative and end of life care education, that has a real impact on learners and people at this crucial phase of life.”

Maaike Vandeweghe, Head of Professional Programmes of Learning & CARE Co-Lead

“I really enjoyed the four days. I think that Teach with CARE should be mandatory for all (teaching colleagues), no matter how long they have been teaching. It gives everyone a platform from which they can be launched and a sense of what is expected of them.” 

Teach with CARE attendee

What will the course look like?

This course will involve:

  • Online (days 2 and 3) and face-to-face (days 1 and 4) learning
  • Exploration of academic and web articles
  • A range of activity types including: live and video presentation; using interactive tools as both a learner and a teacher; discussion; pair and group work; self-study; critical thinking; reflection
  • Completion of tasks before and after sessions

What will I learn?

  • Theories of teaching and learning
  • Consider the needs of adult learners and how to create engaging learning
  • Consider implications for practice when teaching face-to-face or virtually
  • Enhance and develop teaching practice

Who is it for?

The course is for anyone who wishes to improve their teaching practice face-to-face and online, particularly those in health and social care, but the learning from this course can be used in most settings.

Matthew Tregellas

Matt Tregellas

After graduating from the University of Sheffield, Matt moved to Japan where he began his career as an English language teacher. After three years, Matt returned to the UK where…
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Maaike Vandeweghe

Maaike Vandeweghe

Head of Professional Learning Programmes and CARE Co-Lead, St Christopher’s CARE Maaike graduated from the KATHO (Roeselare, Belgium) in 2002 as a general and mental health nurse. She started her…
Read More Maaike Vandeweghe
Deborah Holman

Deborah Holman

Deborah Holman has been working at St Christopher’s since 2002 in clinical practice, in care homes and in education. For 8 years prior to this she worked closely with St Christopher’s…
Read More Deborah Holman


  • Exploring St Christopher’s CARE aims and Pedagogical Framework
  • Considering different perspectives on adult learning
  • Planning; presenting; resourcing; questioning; assessing and evaluating teaching in response to learner input and feedback
  • Considering best practice for face-to-face and online teaching
  • Using online tools for effective teaching
  • Planning and sharing the rationale for a teaching session

Day 1

10.00Welcome and Introductions
St Christopher’s CARE and the Pedagogical Framework
11.15Theories of learning
12.55Adult learning and active learning
14.15Reflection, evaluation and wrap up

Day 2

10.00The teaching context
11.30Constructive alignment, learning outcomes and Bloom’s taxonomy
13.20Online educational tools
14.20Homework set up and reflection

Day 3

10.00The Conversational Framework
Active learning activity share
11.30Anatomy of a teaching session
Planning a teaching session
13.20Flipped learning
13.50Multimedia design
14.30Homework set up and reflection

Day 4

10.00Evaluation and reflection
11.30Making and delivering an activity with educational technology
13.25Power up PowerPoint and Zoom workshop
14.05Putting it into practice
14.30Assignment + Q&A, Final reflection, Next steps

MSc, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate in Palliative Care


Kings College LondonThe MSc in Palliative Care course is intended for the future leaders of palliative and end of life care from multi-professional backgrounds (clinical care or teaching and research). The course will give you the skills necessary to critically appraise research and evidence on issues of palliative care to inform clinical practice and service development. Much of the work during the MSc will relate to your own personal work experience. This course draws on the research, expertise and international reputations of teaching staff at King’s College London and St Christopher’s Hospice. Other high profile experts in palliative care and other relevant disciplines and organisations also contribute to teaching.

We want to reflect the multi-professional nature of palliative care and provide an opportunity for different professionals to learn together. Past and present students include trainee doctors in palliative medicine, general practitioners, oncologists and anaesthetists, clinical nurse specialists in palliative care, community nurses, therapeutic radiographers, occupational therapists, social workers and music therapists. Previous overseas students have come from Europe (Denmark, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Switzerland) and from further afield (Hong Kong, India, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Uganda and the USA).

We promise the ‘cut and thrust’ of discussion among students and lecturers will always be exciting!

Programme content

The syllabus is arranged in modules each consisting of ten days taught tuition.

Core modules

  • Research methods and statistics in palliative care
  • Biology and management of symptoms in advanced disease
  • Service organisation and policy in palliative care
  • Psycho-social, cultural, ethical and spiritual issues

Optional modules

  • Advanced pain and symptom control
  • Service development and management
  • Advanced psycho-social, ethical and spiritual care
  • Applying epidemiology to palliative care

MSc research project

A research project (15,000 words) usually based on the analysis of original data you have collected in your place of work.

Flexible learning options

In addition to the MSc qualification, we also offer a Postgraduate Diploma and a Postgraduate Certificate. This enables you to access the MSc programme at a point that is relevant to your circumstances, achieve credits and leave at a point that specifically meets your needs. Work achieved at one level can be carried forward to the next level. A break from study can be taken providing the final qualification is completed within a five-year period from registration.

The successful completion of the core Research Methods and Statistics in Palliative Care module, plus two other modules achieves the Postgraduate Certificate in Palliative Care; four core modules and two optional modules achieves the Postgraduate Diploma in Palliative Care.

The addition of the completed research project achieves the MSc in Palliative Care.

Formal entry requirements

You should normally have a degree in medicine or nursing, or an upper second class honours degree in life sciences, social sciences, or other approved subject awarded by a United Kingdom university or a recognised overseas university. You should also be able to demonstrate experience of working in palliative care or palliative medicine – in clinical or social care, or from a practice or research point of view.

Further information or application forms

MSc Administrator
Department of Palliative Care, Policy & Rehabilitation, King’s College London School of Medicine, Cicely Saunders Institute, Bessemer Road, London SE5 9PJ
Telephone 020 7848 5435
Fax 020 7848 5517
Email mscpallcare@kcl.ac.uk

Full details of the courses can be found on the Cicely Saunders Institute website at www.csi.kcl.ac.uk*

You can download a course information booklet at www.csi.kcl.ac.uk/booklet.html

Apply online at https://myapplication.kcl.ac.uk/

Discovery Days at St Christopher’s

We welcome professionals and others interested to gain insight into the work of St Christopher’s – focused on the past, present and the future.

Opportunities exist for visits – normally planned for a Friday, focused on a programme designed to be of particular value to professionals (particularly those working in the health and social care sectors). On alternate months, a similar opportunity exists for members of the general public.

The half-day programme for professionals outlines our history and founding principles, the care on offer today and how we are preparing for future challenges and opportunities.

During your visit you will tour both St Christopher’s Centre for Awareness and Response to End of Life (CARE) and the hospice and meet a variety of people involved in St Christopher’s who will guide your visit and explain the services we offer.

If you would like a programme that is more bespoke to your learning needs, opportunities exist to co-design a programme as part of a group visit. See here for more details.

You are invited to download our new History and Walking Tour App in preparation for your visit.

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