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Bereavement benefits: if you have children living with you

Claiming benefits for children living with you after you've been bereaved

Child Benefit:  You can claim Child Benefit for dependent children living with you.  The child is someone up to age 16 or a young person aged 16-19 in full time education up to and including  A’ level equivalent. (The upper age can be extended to age 21 in some circumstances).  You will need to make a new claim if the deceased was the one claiming the Child Benefit.  Contact the Child Benefit Office to claim or claim online.

Guardian’s Allowance is paid in addition to Child Benefit for any dependent children who are living with you where both parents have died or one parent has died and the other is unavailable in some circumstances. You can claim through the Child Benefit Office.

Child Tax Credit: If you have a dependent child or children you may also be able to get Child Tax Credit. Families may be claiming this already but you will need to make a new claim when your partner has died even if the benefit was being paid to you.  The amount you get depends on your family circumstances and the income you have coming in.

If you get high levels of Child Tax Credit you will be entitled to free school meals and health care benefits.

Contact the Tax Credit Helpline to make a claim and to inform them of a change in circumstances.

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