Planning ahead

Planning ahead

A guide to support you in planning ahead and thinking about the future

Serious illness and ageing bring challenges many of us prefer to avoid thinking about. At the same time many of us fear loss of control about decisions relating to our futures.

We have created a booklet to support you in planning ahead and thinking about your future. We hope the contents of this booklet will be helpful to you and your family and friends.

It may be helpful to use this resource for reference, so there are regular contents pages to allow you to dip in to the parts that are most helpful to you when you need them.

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The last section of this booklet is about coping with dying, which may feel very hard to read. This includes advice and guidance for family members and carers on what dying can be like. We can also recommend this TED Talk which describes what happens as we die.

Please be aware that this booklet may feel quite overwhelming at first glance because it contains a lot of information and guidance on difficult and sensitive issues.


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