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Bolton G

Write yourself. Creative writing and personal development

Jessica Kingsley 2011

Write yourself is a complete introduction to facilitating creative writing for therapy or personal development, both with individuals and groups.

Bolton G, Field V, Thompson K

Writing routes. A resource handbook of therapeutic writing

Jessica Kingsley 2010

Bolton G (ed)

Dying, bereavement and the healing arts

Jessica Kingsley 2007

This describes a range of successful programmes pioneered by artists, writers, nurses, musicians, therapists, social workers, and chaplains in palliative care settings. These range from simple painting and writing activities to organized communal activities like writing and performing a play.

Hartley N, Payne M

Creative arts in palliative care

Jessica Kingsley 2008

This has a focus on the work of the arts team in the Anniversary Centre at St Christopher’s.

Hartley N

End of life care. A guide for therapists, artists and arts therapists

Jessica Kingsley 2013

This shows the arts are an integrated component of palliative care and,as with the previous book, is based on the work of the arts team and the staff of St Christophers Hospice.

Hayes J

Creative arts in dementia care

Jessica Kingsley 2008

This book encourages those who care for people with dementia to develop their own creative skills to help people with dementia. It covers singing, story, meditation, movement – and provides case studies of environments where this work is being done.

Moss J

Writing in bereavement – a creative handbook

Jessica Kingsley 2012

Price C-L

Walking with angels

Troubadour Publishing 2015

This is a practical creative handbook that will assist counsellors, volunteers and others in their work with bereaved adults.

Rio R

Connecting through music with people with dementia

Jessica Kingsley 2009

This short book provides helpful suggestions for helping people with dementia by using music as a therapeutic tool.

Schweitzer P, Bruce E

Remembering yesterday, caring today

Jessica Kingsley 2008

This provides information for successful development of reminiscence work in various care settings.

Thompson K

Therapeutic journal writing. An introduction for professionals

Jessica Kingsley 2010

The author of this book guides the reader through developing journal writing to use as a therapeutic tool.

Tsiris G, Tasker M, Lawson V, Prince G, Dives T, Sands, Ridley A

Music and arts in action

St Christopher’s Hospice 2011

An article on the schools project at St Christopher’s.

Prices can change and postage will be added. All purchases go towards the work of the hospice.

For further information and details please contact the Library on