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Chadwick A

Talking about death and bereavement in school

Jessica Kingsley 2012

Childhood Bereavement Network/St Christopher’s Hospice

A death in the lives of… (DVD)

Childhood Bereavement Network 2001

Young people (teenagers) describe their experiences of a major bereavement. They also describe how they have been helped by their teachers and (in this video) by attending the Candle Project at St Christopher’s. It is intended as a resource for training and education

Christ GH

Healing children’s grief. Surviving a parent’s death from cancer

Oxford University Press 2000

This book is based on a study of 157 children (aged 3-17) in 88 families, who participated in a parent-guidance intervention through the terminal illness and death of one of their parents.

Dyregrov A

Grief in young children

Jessica Kingsley 2008

This is probably the first book on bereavement about pre-school children.

Dyregrov Atle

Grief in children. A handbook for adults. 2nd edition

Jessica Kingsley 2008

Dyregrov A

Supporting traumatized children and teenagers

Jessica Kingsley 2010

This book explores the different reactions children may experience, and the impact trauma can have. Effective ways of helping children after a traumatic event are outlined, and different types of therapy, such as group therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, are discussed.

Fearnley R

Communicating with children. When a parent is at the end of life

Jessica Kingsley 2012

Geldard K, Geldard D

Counselling children. A practical introduction. 4th edition

Sage 2013

Geldard K, Geldard D

Counselling adolescents. The proactive approach for young people. 3rd edition

Sage 2008, 3rd edition.

Goldman L

Great  answers to difficult questions about death. What children need to know

Jessica Kingsley 2009

The book will help any adult – family member or professional –  to answer the most common questions children ask about death,

Monroe B, Kraus F (eds)

Brief interventions with bereaved children. 2nd edition

Oxford University Press, 2010

This volume reflects the great range of multidisciplinary interventions and outreach services available for bereaved children, mainly in the UK but also in other countries. Examples of chapters include: supporting very young children, working with volunteers, family assessment, a sibling carer story, police family liaison, working with families pre-bereavement. Barbara Monroe instigated the Candle Project for bereaved children at St Christopher’s and Frances Kraus has run the project

Ribbens-McCarthy J, Jessop J.

Young people, bereavement and loss. Disruptive transitions?

National Childrens’ Bureau / Joseph Rowntree Fund 2006

This is an extensive survey that researches the extent to which young people are affected by bereavement in the UK.

Rowling L

Grief in school communities

Open University Press, 2003

This book is a guide for teachers and other professionals involved in the care of children who have suffered loss and who need to devise strategies to assist them within the school environment.

Worden J W

Children and grief

The Guildford Press 1996

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