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Connect with CARE webinar series

St Christopher's CARE

A series of four special webinars each introducing a new initiative or model which we believe will have a positive impact on the future of palliative and end of life care

We’re delighted to launch our first webinar series live from our brand-new building! Starting in January 2021 we’re hosting a series of four special webinars, Connect with CARE, each introducing a new initiative or model which we believe will have a positive impact on the future of palliative and end of life care.

The series, which will become the annual curtain-raiser for the upcoming year, is designed to appeal to everyone with an interest in palliative and end of life care, from any perspective, whether that’s the historical legacy, the future of nursing, community outreach or simply the calendar of diverse learning opportunities in the following 12 months.


  • Webinars

    The four Connect with CARE 2021 webinars, all of which are free, are now available to watch again:

    St Christopher’s CARE

    For anyone interested in knowing more about St Christopher’s CARE
    First broadcast on Thursday 7 January 2021 at 4pm

    Join the St Christopher’s CARE Leadership Team, Jenny Fogarty, Maaike Vandeweghe and Dion Bachmann, as they set out their vision and ambitions for the new £6.5m Centre for 2021 and beyond. Attendees will get a flavour of the new building, discover some of the learning highlights for the year ahead and have the chance to quiz the team about the fantastic facilities and how to make the most of St Christopher’s CARE.

    You can now register to watch again until 31 March 2021

    Cicely Saunders Society – Open Meeting: Heart and Mind

    For everybody with an interest in Cicely, her life’s work and increasing good end of life care around the Globe and any Health and Social Care Professional working in Palliative and End of Life Care

    First broadcast on Tuesday 12 January 2021 at 5.30pm

    The little book Watch with Me was described by Dr Robert Twycross at Cicely’s memorial service, as her ‘autobiography’. Five short pieces written over as many decades take us through Cicely’s preoccupations with the care of the dying and the importance of belief in guiding her ideas and practice.

    Professor David Clark will explain how the book came to be published in 2003 and then we will hear from some of those who have been responsible for translating Watch with Me into no less than seven languages (to include: Professors Carlos Centeno and Augusto Caraceni; Drs Isabel Neto, Irena Švab Kavčič, Franklin Santana Santos and Martina Holder; Rev Bente Bramming).

    This is the first Open Meeting in our Cicely Saunders Society Open Meetings.

    You can now register to watch again

    Getting nursing at the end of life right: Finding the person in the patient

    For all nurses, student nurses and others interested to explore aspects of nursing at the end of life and its opportunities

    First broadcast on Wednesday 20 January 2021 4pm

    Join us for the launch of the NEW Lantern Model, the first new model of palliative and end of life care nursing for 20 years. In this webinar we introduce the model and consider one of its key tenets- that of finding the person in the patient. We will consider the notion of personhood and how this is affected in the face of a life-threatening condition, then focus on the nurses’ role in maintaining people’s sense of identity as they face the end of life. You will also have the opportunity to help us consider how we ensure this element of nursing is protected, perpetuated and enhanced in nursing today and in the future. This is the first of four webinars focused on the new model.

    This is the first webinar in our Lantern Model webinar series.

    No Recourse to Public Funds Toolkit

    For all palliative care professionals and those interested in the No Recourse to Public Funds Toolkit

    First broadcast on Thursday 28 January 2021 4pm

    Join us for the launch of the ground-breaking guide, Do You See Us? This guide has been created for us by Claire Henry MBE, to enable professionals working across the palliative care sector and in migrant centres and related organisations, to support people in their role as family carers helping someone to die well while facing the additional challenge of having no access to the welfare safety net, due to restrictions placed on them as part of their immigration status. With at least 1.4 million people with No Recourse to Public Funds this is a timely, and we hope, change-making toolkit.

    Download No Recourse to Public Funds Toolkit (PDF)

    You can now register to watch again until 31 March 2021

  • Presenters

    Our webinar hosts will be joined by:

    • Professor David Clark, Dame Cicely Saunders Society (Tuesday 12 January)
    • Heather Richardson, Joint CEO of St Christopher’s Hospice, Marie Cooper, Project Lead for Celebrating Palliative Care Nursing in 2020, Mary Flatley and Lorna Peelo-Kilroe (Wednesday 20 January)
    • Claire Henry, Rev Dr Andrew Goodhead (Thursday 28 January)

    Professor David Clark

    Heather Richardson

    Dr Heather Richardson Joint Chief Executive, St Christopher’s; Honorary Professor in the International Observatory on End of Life Care, Lancaster University

    Heather Richardson works as one of the Joint Chief Executives of St Christopher’s Hospice, London. She has previously held the role of National Clinical Lead for Hospice UK, and worked as Clinical Director, then Strategy Advisor to St. Joseph’s Hospice in east London prior to her move to St Christopher’s.

    Heather is a registered general and mental health nurse and has worked in hospice/palliative care since 1988. She has a PhD, her research concerned with users’ experience of day hospice. More recently, she has developed a research interest around public health and end of life care. She currently serves as an honorary professor in palliative care at Lancaster University.

    In the past, she has received the International Palliative Nurse of the Year award issued by the International Journal of Palliative Nursing and other awards related to her role in innovation in healthcare.

    Marie Cooper

    Marie Cooper Project Lead for Celebrating Palliative Care Nursing

    Marie is a nurse with 40 years’ experience of clinical leadership with an expertise in practice development across  a range of care settings. Having delivered change in her previous roles, she now supports others to do so. Her particular area of interest is in working with nurse leaders to develop high performance teams and practice. Such opportunities have given her a clarity about the many issues nurse leaders and those engaged in palliative care delivery face today.

    From 2014 to June 2019, Marie was Practice Development Lead for Hospice UK, which enabled her to work with hospice clinical leaders and national organisations to champion the delivery of high quality, accessible palliative care. Since June 2019, Marie works freelance and in addition to her other work she is the Project Lead at St Christopher’s Hospice for the Celebrating Palliative Care Nursing programme. This  is an exciting programme which  includes developing a contemporary Model of Nursing and bringing together pioneering nurses who are shaping palliative care across the world into a vibrant community. The programme’s overarching aim is to celebrate and showcase the unique and vital contribution of end of life and palliative care nursing which is developing internationally.

    mary flatley

    Mary Flatley

    Mary has been a nurse for over 40 years, with 15 years as a ward sister in Surgery, Medicine, HIV, Rehabilitation and Respite care.

    She is currently Lead nurse for Cancer and Palliative Care at the Homerton Hospital in Hackney London. For the 6 years prior to that Mary was Lead Nurse for In-Patients at St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney.

    Mary has a PhD in Nursing from Kings College and has been involved in many research projects throughout her career. She has moved between clinical and research roles on a number of occasions. Her current role is to support and strengthen the excellent care being provided by the Cancer and Palliative Care specialist nurses and to plan for the continued delivery of this care in the future.

    End of life care is a particular interest of Mary’s, for younger people as well as care for older people and especially the end of life care for frail older people.

    Claire Henry MBE RGN BSc(hons) PGDip

    Claire Henry MBE RGN BSc(hons) PGDip No Recourse to Public Funds Project Lead

    With over 30 years working in clinical, managerial and quality improvement within the NHS and 3rd sector, Claire has an abundance of experience in palliative and end of life care

    Claire has led national programmes and independent reviews including the NHS End of Life Care Programme which supported the implementation of the National End of Life Care Strategy for England and National Choice offer for end-of-life care “What’s important to me”.

    Claire has been actively involved in community engagement and developments nationally including Dying Matters

    Andrew Goodhead

    Rev Dr Andrew Goodhead Spiritual Care Lead, St Christopher's

    Andrew Goodhead joined St Christopher’s as Chaplain in January 2005, completing his doctoral research in 2007. He is a Methodist Minister with 14 years Church based experience gained in several localities throughout the UK, both urban and rural. In his role at St Christopher’s Andrew is concerned to ensure that all End of Life Care professionals have the skills and confidence to offer spiritual assessment and ongoing support to all patients and their families.

    He has a particular interest in the concept of spiritual pain as a way of understanding spiritual need. For patients with faith needs Andrew is developing the pastoral and religious role of the Spiritual Care Lead. Andrew graduated in 2014 with the King’s College, London, MSc in Palliative Care. His dissertation explored the experiences and attitudes of community clergy in caring for dying people.

    He is currently on a secondment at St Christopher’s to the Patient and Family Services Department as Deputy Manager.

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