25 August 2022

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Oral history exhibition at St Christopher’s CARE

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Our exhibition, ‘The Voices that Shaped Us: Modern Hospice in the Making’, tells the story of St Christopher’s Hospice using interviews with the many people who have shaped our history. You can listen to these specially selected audio interviews which share stories, anecdotes and memories from those who have had a connection with St Christopher’s since it opened in 1967.

Filled with archived images, awards, memorabilia and audio, the exhibition explores St Christopher’s role as a hospice from 1967 to 2022 and into the future.

If you’re working here you just have a whole different perspective on nursing, care of the dying, care of the family – I think that was the thing I loved, to see how the family were included and sort of brought on in their understanding of what was happening.

Anne Conway, Former Staff Nurse
St Christopher’s Hospice

As you walk through the space you will find that the exhibition moves through lots of different moments in our history as a hospice.

You can explore our early years and how Dame Cicely Saunders founded the hospice, life on the wards and the development of home care, and we will also reflect on more challenging times and how we have needed to adapt and change moving into the 21st century.

There was laughing, painting, somebody playing a piano. It was lively, it was the complete opposite of what I expected.

Elizabeth Kwesiga, Social Worker
St Christopher’s Hospice

If you haven’t been able to make it to one of our exhibition open days, we have created an online exhibition for you to explore.

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