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Improving Palliative Care for People with Advancing Heart Failure

If the purpose of St Christopher’s Improving Palliative Care for People with Advanced Heart Failure conference was to inspire and enable colleagues in palliative care to work more closely with their cardiac colleagues, to provide patients with the best possible care, then if two delegates who spoke up in the final session were anything to go by, that purpose had been well and truly fulfilled. Dr Heather Richardson, Director of Academic Learning and Action at St Christopher’s asked delegates to share what it was they needed to fire up inspiration in their organisation to make the idea of closer collaboration…
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Improving Palliative Care for People with Advancing Heart Failure

While Isobel Jackson invited the conference to focus on quality of life and not targets, inevitably, a number of speakers reminded delegates that those holding the purse strings need to see the value of any collaborative project.

Moving forward – a time for new leadership in hospice and palliative care

Heather Richardson, Director of Academic Learning and Action, talks about a new programme from St Christopher's CARE for aspiring leaders who want to step into, or enjoy, director level responsibilities and more.

Global Palliative Nursing Network Spotlight Events

Global Palliative Nursing Network – one year on!

With almost 700 nurses from 58 countries signed up, it’s well on the way to meeting its potential for being a force for good for the provision of palliative care and the resilience of nurses across the world.

Middle aged white woman with short white hair smiling with green trees behind her.

Designing and delivering training in palliative care, Karachi, Pakistan

As a volunteer nurse tutor with PRIME I was invited by a mission hospital in Karachi to join a small team in Feb ’24, to provide basic training in palliative care.

A group of people smiling with party hats on.

Collaborating with Communities

When was the last time you attended a conference that finished with all the delegates wearing party hats and eating party rings while listening to Taylor Swift? Probably never. But...

QELCA logo

QELCA® leaves the nest!

On 1st April 2024 the ownership and intellectual property of the QELCA® programme officially passed to me, Liz Bryan. This is a significant ‘coming of age’ moment for QELCA® and the international community of QELCA® providers. 

Farah Demachkieh

Redefining professional identity; a journey of self-reflection and reconciliation

Farah Demachkieh, Head of Quality, Research and Development at SANAD Hospice Lebanon, looks back at her career and her professional identity

Bereavement buddies

Collaborating with Communities: Transforming End of Life Experiences Together

Seeing communities and people outside healthcare as having a role to play at the end of life doesn’t mean our clinical colleagues should feel threatened. In fact, we’ll all do better if we collaborate together and learn from each other and what people are already doing in the broader death system.

Peter Ellis

Responding to Marie Cooper “Do you feel safe in our care?” 

Marie’s article resonated with me. As an inpatient 6 years ago, I still remember there were times when I felt vulnerable and unsafe in my experience of care, which is something Marie expressed as a feature of her care. I use Marie’s own reflections as a reference.

Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson’s Blog

The latest update from our Advanced Clinical Practitioner and Nurse Consultant Development programme

A middle-aged caucasion man smiling in a dimly lit room.

The Case for Contemplative Care: We are all in this together

I’m eternally grateful to all who took part in that conference, for prompting me to think about the kind of person I’d welcome at my bedside, when my own life eventually ebbs out its little day.

Young white woman with brown hair smiling with glasses in front of stairs.

Specialist heart failure nurse proves success of integrated approach

Find out how St Christopher’s pioneering approach to palliative care for heart failure patients is improving their quality of life and reducing hospital admissions

Mother’s Day Reflection

Hear from Pippa, who reflects about her mum who has advanced dementia.

Illustration of a checklist under a spotlight

Future Planning: Advance Care Planning Reconsidered

Reflections on our Future Planning conference which took place on 25 January 2024

Andrew Goodhead

What we mean by managing pain beyond medicine

"Sometimes that will mean medicine sits in the passenger seat while other supportive types of care take the wheel"

A woman smiling with long brown hair, facing the camera.

The importance of caring for pain beyond medicine

We interview Mandy Bruce, a psychosocial & spiritual team lead at St Christopher's Hospice, to understand the importance of caring for pain beyond medicine, for people nearing the end of life.

Voices Work History

Do you feel safe in our care?

Marie Cooper offers an insight into the Polyvagal Theory and its application to one's sense of safety

An elderly man sitting in bed, next to a nurse in conversation while holding hands.

Is it time to rethink advance care planning?

The way we think about Advance Care Planning (ACP) needs to be different as we look to the future.

MND conference at St Christopher's CARE

MND conference raises awareness of disease and importance of patients’ voice

While raising awareness was a clear aim of the event, the most striking recurring theme was the need to listen to and guide the patient while finding the right volume for their voice.

Farah Demachkieh

GPNN nurses championing advancing palliative nursing

GPNN Champion Farah Demachkieh shares her inspiration and vision for the future of palliative care nursing

A person writing a list of childhood memories

Creative connections made at a conference

Close to 100 doulas, physiotherapists, creative art therapists and clinicians packed out the St Christopher’s Centre for Awareness and Response to End of Life for the sixth Facing Death Creatively conference.

Pope receives book co-written by CNS Maria Aparicio

St Christopher’s nurse grateful her book was presented to Pope Francisco

Clinical Nurse Specialist Maria Aparicio explains more

Heather Richardson 2020

Why become a champion of the Global Palliative Nursing Network?

Learn with others, develop your skills and be part of the next generation of leaders.

Rehabilitative Palliative Care

Hospice care fit for the future: a rehabilitative approach

Join us at our Multi-Professional Academy to see how you and your organisation can provide personalised end of life care for a steadily increasing number of older people.

Maaike Vandeweghe

When community and professional learning collide

Maaike Vandeweghe shares details of our new person-centred approach to education

Marie Cooper

Introducing the Global Palliative Nursing Network

Marie Cooper shares news of our new international community

Kate Wilson

Nurse development programme scores multiple successes

Less than halfway through the year, Clinical Nurse Specialist Kate attributes her promotion to our development programme

Nightingale Fellowship

Nightingale Fellowship and St Christopher’s Hospice

Introducing a great partnership to ensure that nursing efforts are sustained

Dementia Conference

Shaping End of Life with a Focus on Dementia

10 key learnings and calls to action from our recent Dementia Conference

Griselda Mussett Artist Cancer Chemo and Me

Cancer Chemo and Me – an exhibition

Our new exhibition opens on 14 June at St Christopher’s CARE. Artist Griselda Mussett tells us what inspired her very personal collection of work.

Kate Wilson

Four months in…

Kate Wilson reflects on the positive impact our Development Programme is having on her, her colleagues and patients

Gail Preston

Rehabilitation in Palliative Care

St Christopher's Physiotherapist Gail Preston talks about our latest skills workshops and why rehabilitative palliative care is vital to patient wellbeing

Kate Wilson

Pioneering new programme helps Kate break through clinical ceiling

Hospice Clinical Nurse Specialist says unique course is helping her find her own way to be a leader.

Heather Richardson 2020

A celebration of nursing

Heather Richardson shares her excitement for our May nursing conference and introduces our stellar line up of speakers

Louise Cave

How nurses can use data to drive more personalised care

Louise Cave, speaker at our nursing conference on 12 May, shares her views on the role digital technology plays in the health service

Maaike Vandeweghe

Care Homes: a major investment opportunity

Maaike Vandeweghe shares her reflections on our latest Care Homes conference

Annette Redwood Palliative Discovery

How Palliative Discovery re-centred me

Senior palliative care nurse Annette Redwood describes how Palliative Discovery has boosted her career as a hands-on nurse and as an educator

Lantern Model Flower

Hospice in the Weald

Lantern Model reinforces why what matters to the patient is everyone’s business

Independent Prescribers

Independent Prescribers Community of Practice

Fiona Hodson and Mary Watson tell us more about our new programme for prescribers.

Stella Mwari Rithara

Pioneering Nurse Stella reaches new heights

Two years after being named as one of St Christopher’s 30 Pioneering Nurses, Stella Mwari Rithara, has recently been accepted onto the board of the prestigious International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC).

Measuring the Effectiveness of Palliative Care

Measuring the Effectiveness of Palliative Care: conference summary

Learnings and outcomes from our conference

Maria Aparicio

The secret to sensitive conversations is…

St Christopher’s Visiting Lecturer and Clinical Nurse Specialist shares her insights on mastering communication with patients and their families and explains why our Sensitive Conversations course is a must for all.

Maaike Vandeweghe

Understanding the value of care homes

Half-day conference on 14 March is an opportunity to celebrate care homes and empower them for the future

Angela Embalo

Angela’s Story

Newly qualified nurse, Angela Embaló, tells us how our free community of practice has built her competence and confidence

Maaike Vandeweghe Bangladesh Dec 2022

Visit to Bangladesh teaches Maaike so much

Resourcefulness, dedication and commitment to care of professionals and volunteers, leave our Senior Educationalist in awe.

Maaike Vandeweghe

Making connections

In her latest blog, Maaike Vandeweghe shares her learnings from the recent Hospice UK conference.

Hannah Louks

From Pain to Pleasure

Teach with CARE course helps nurse Hannah learn to love teaching

Heather Richardson 2020

How important is outcome measurement?

Heather Richardson, Director of Education, Research and End of Life Policy at St Christopher's discusses the collection and use of data by palliative care teams

Silva Lantern Model

Silva shines Lantern light on palliative care in Lebanon

Lantern Model Programme has inspired clinical instructor in Beirut to transform the way she teaches nurses

Is it weird I never want it to end?

Clinical Nurse Specialist Maxine Last says sharing experiences and ideas with fellow professionals from around the world on the Lantern Model Programme has helped take her career to new heights.

International students inspired to deliver change

Multi-Professional Academy students supported by Women in Fellowship return home ready to push boundaries

Looking forward to Hospice UK conference

Our Senior Educationalist, Maaike Vandeweghe, looks ahead to Hospice UK’s annual conference and urges readers to take inspiration from its forward looking theme to engage in our ambitious conference programme for 2023.

MND Conference Hero

Power in Partnership: Joining the Dots of MND care

Control, communication, choice and, yes, cures; delegates leave MND Conference with clear messages of hope

Maaike Vandeweghe

How do we secure the future of the art of nursing?

Supporting health care professionals as they provide essential holistic care at end of life

Carmel O'Donnell

‘Since I joined Palliative Discovery, I’ve been won over.’

Carmel says her experience of the programme has made a huge difference to the way she feels about her return to nursing.

‘We noticed the dementia about six years ago’

Pippa from our Education team reflects on her own mother's Alzheimer's as we prepare to organise another dementia course for professionals.

‘We need to address homelessness’

"If people who are homeless aren’t accessing health and social care, they’re also not accessing end of life care and that is our business and our responsibility"

“It’s made me feel really inspired about my teaching”

How Teach with CARE empowers and motivates people who teach and train to engage their learners in the most effective way possible

Lantern Model

Making a difference to people facing the end of life

The Lantern Model programme is bringing together individual nurses, nurse managers, professional development leads and chief nurses

MND Conference Hero

Power in partnership: Joining the dots of MND care

Don't miss our Motor Neurone Disease Annual Conference 2022 on Friday 16 September 2022 at St Christopher's CARE, in collaboration with Kings College, London.

Heather Richardson 2020

Heather Richardson awarded ‘Burdett Hero’

Burdett Trust for Nursing recognises Heather Richardson as a ‘Burdett Hero’ for pioneering the St Christopher’s Palliative Discovery programme

Rehabilitative Palliative Care

Introducing a model of holistic rehabilitative palliative care

Recognising the vital importance of a holistic approach to assessment and interventions on the part of professionals

Maaike Vandeweghe

Teach with CARE or don’t teach at all

Maaike Vandeweghe, Senior Educationalist at St Christopher's CARE shares her thoughts on how teaching can have a big influence on practice.


Sharing a passion for palliative care

Rosina is looking forward to sharing her passion for palliative care with health and social care assistants and home carers in Bromley.

Maria Aparicio

Bridging the gap between practice and education

Maria shares her philosophy on teaching and learning and passion for palliative care

Telling Stories with the Museum of London

Ten people share their experiences of bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cameroon team

Connecting to Cameroon

How our Fellowship Programme and Tour App impacts across the world

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