26 November 2015

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Chris Mangar’s story

Chris is a Clinical Nurse Specialist based in the community

I’m a Clinical Nurse Specialist based in the community. My job is to act as a link between patients and the various hospital teams and health professionals that are involved in their care. I coordinate all the services for the patient so if they have a problem or need help, they can come directly to me and I can organise getting them the support they need.

Without professionals like me doing this job…

It can be hard for patients and families to navigate the maze of health services. My job is often the difference between patients being taken in to hospital or being able to have care delivered at home. This can make the world of difference to patients, and their families and friends.

In conversation with Chris

What little things do you do to help patients?

Treating patients as individuals and listening to patients and understanding what their biggest problems are so I can help them.

What gives you job satisfaction?

Being able to support a patient and their family from initial meeting, understanding
their preferences for care and right through to supporting people to die in their preferred place, usually the familiar surroundings of their home.

What memorable moments have you had?

Every time someone dies at home and they never thought they would be able to. That’s always memorable for me.

What would you say to a potential donor?

St Christopher’s is only part funded by the NHS. We really need your support to allow us to continue to deliver these life changing services to local people.

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