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ARCHIVED: Community Action

Find out what we're doing to support our local communities and how you can get involved

St Christopher’s has a commitment to exploring new ways of working with our surrounding communities to support them around death, dying and loss, and our Community Action work forms a big part of that.

Community Action is a way of working with communities to explore mutual aid, peer support and ways of promoting wellbeing and access to health services. We also work with the public to encourage discussion, explore common responses to and share ways of dealing with death, dying and loss.

We seek to allocate resources and expertise to the places and communities that need it most. Community Action also works with existing community projects such as Good Gym and London Rainbow to explore new ways of sustaining wellbeing.

We want to make sure that everybody knows as much as possible about ways of maintaining health and wellbeing, knowing when to seek out health services, and knowing how they can help deal with difficult experiences around death, dying and loss.

If you have any questions, would like to make a donation or volunteer your time, please email us at

Our fantastic Community Aiders help those who are isolated by delivering food parcels, care packages, art packs, puzzles and much more, as well as offering support through regular phone calls.

We are looking for more people to become Community Aiders and hold introductory sessions every two weeks for anyone who is interested. Please email us at if you would like to find out more.

We match people together for social and practical support. We invite people to support someone else in their community experiencing death, dying and loss with practical support such as shopping or prescription pick-ups, as well as social support – checking in with each other, having conversations and developing a relationship.

We also match volunteers who want to do more practical tasks like deliveries for people who need them, and we provide a way of channelling community donations to patients and people who need them.

We believe that being involved in initiatives such as this, helping others through mutual aid or peer support, and meeting new people many of whom are experiencing similar things to you, can be really good for your wellbeing, especially when you’re going through a tough time.

We hold one or two sessions a week on Zoom for anyone involved in Community Action projects. If you would like to join these sessions, please email for more information.

We’re a sociable group and keen to learn more about supporting each other and sharing ideas about death, dying and loss. We don’t expect people to support someone without having the opportunity to learn and reflect on it and what it means to them. We think it’s good to learn by doing and have the opportunity to share experiences.

If you would like to propose an idea or get involved in one of our community initiatives then we have some existing projects that you might be interested in.

These projects include:

Death, dying and loss

During Covid-19, we understand that now more than ever we are experiencing different kinds of losses in our lives, and we want to provide a safe and supportive place where people can discuss their experiences and thoughts.

For this reason, we are running our usual death and bereavement cafés online and we are running three sessions a week:

Bereavement Café – Every Monday, 5-6.30pm

Our Bereavement Café aims to help people support one another and tell their story of bereavement, whether it be Covid-19 related or not.

Death Café – Every Wednesday, 2.30-4pm

Our Death Café is often a light-hearted way of discussing something that is perceived as taboo – death, and gives us a way of normalising it.