Community-powered change

Do you want to play a part in improving people’s experiences of death, dying and loss?

We know that death happens to all of us but the way it happens, and how we respond to it, can have lasting impacts.

At St Christopher’s we don’t think we have all the answers. We work with local people, groups, schools and organisations to explore and improve experiences of the end of life and how we deal with it as people and communities.

We want everybody to have an opportunity to make change or have a say in how it happens. These changes can be on an everyday basis, like supporting your elderly neighbour, or using your experience to help someone else learn how to do something, or wider, campaigning for policy change on an important area together.

Our Community Action programme offers opportunities for people to get involved in changing things for the better. Get involved and help to find new ways of supporting each other, tackling challenges and changing the way we do things.

Community Action Art

Why change, why now?

Why do we think a change needs to happen, and how do we think it might?

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Key areas of work

Community Action Art


We offer opportunities to take part in initiatives that support those caring for others, experiencing life-limiting illness and coping with bereavement.

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Compassionate Neighbours


We run training and learning workshops to support people to develop their skills and awareness of some end of life challenges and how they could respond to them.

Community Action Healthy Walks


We ask what’s going on and what could be better – We visit with community members and groups and can run talks, visits and workshops for you on subjects related to the end of life, as well as hospice tours.

Community Action Art


We support you to make change – write to your MP, join our newsletter, help design new initiatives and services, advocate for change by being a Lived Experience Advocate or a Community Ambassador.

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