Why change, why now?

As a society we face some big challenges. As a population we are living with more complex health conditions and an ageing population.

Many of us will care, unpaid, for someone else, or receive the support of someone who cares for us, in our lifetimes.

The past few years has shown us that not everyone receives the same quality of care and support when they are not well, dying or bereaved and that this is too often linked to who they are, rather than what they need.

The Lancet Commission on the Value of Death also argues that we have, as people, become separated from the idea that death is part of life.

Equally, we recognise that it takes far more than one organisation to keep people well, motivated and able to address these areas and change them. Community supportive networks play a huge role in supporting someone but are often not consulted enough about how we could work differently or asked for ideas to make change happen. This means we may risk only hearing one part of a story.

Do we need a change?

We want a change to happen and to be able to respond to these important areas.

We’d like more people to feel confident and able to support others, and to have those important conversations about the end of life that can feel sometimes very difficult to get started, or have a way of addressing loss and grief that works for them in a setting they are comfortable with.

Community Action Healthy Walks

We want to hear more about people’s experiences so we can work together to design new offers and initiatives, and to innovate to make things happen that meet people’s needs.

But we don’t want to increase the burden. We work in partnership and collaborate with community groups and members on how we might make change happen.

 Can you help?

Would you volunteer in the community to support someone who is socially isolated? Would you tell your story to help make change happen as a Lived Experience Advocate?

Is there something you’d like to do?

See volunteering opportunities

Do you want our help?

Would you like some training or support to make something happen that works in your community setting, like a bereavement support group?

Are you a school that thinks you need to talk more about death as part of life to help young people address it?

Would you like to get involved?

Do you run a community group who might like to hear more or host a supportive group?

Have you got an idea for change?

We are here to listen

We are currently carrying out research on inequality at the end of life and on important topics and legal concepts relating to it and we welcome invitations to hear more about your thoughts on change and where it is needed

Contact us

For all ways to get involved or for more information on any of the above email CommunityAid@stchristophers.org.uk or call 020 8768 4330

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