Community support hub

Our Community Support Hub offers free-to-access groups and initiatives that support people to talk about their feelings, share experiences and gain support from our community.

The Hub offers different types of support. You can be supported 1-1 by a community volunteer, or join a group where you can talk more about your experiences and help others with theirs.

Our activities focus on people with a similar experience coming together to listen to each other in a supportive, friendly and gentle environment.

We also seek people to help us with facilitating the hub’s activities by volunteering to make them happen.

Compassionate Neighbours


If you are living with a life limiting illness or are a patient at St Christopher’s, and you would welcome company,  we can connect you to  someone in your area for social support, friendship and connection with your wider community via Compassionate Neighbours.

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Carers Support

Bereavement group carers talk chat

Caring for Carers Course

  • Awaiting new dates
  • 11am to 12.30pm
  • St Christopher’s CARE
  • FREE

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Talk to us

If you are a family or unpaid carer for someone at the end of life, it can be helpful to talk to someone else who might understand what you are going through.

We can connect you to a volunteer for support and understanding in order to prioritise your wellbeing.

Contact us at or call 07720 669 151 to find out more.

Carers groups

Join a supportive, friendly and helpful group of other carers.

We offer in person or online groups across the week to connect you with other people in caring roles to talk about your experiences and support one another.

Caring for Carers courses

Discover what may lie ahead, think about how you may manage, and become more confident in your caring with our Caring for Carers courses, coming soon.

Bereavement Support

A group of middle-aged people sitting, chatting and smiling together in a well lit room.

Loss and Legacy Course

  • Tuesday 6 and 13 February 2024
  • 2pm to 3.30pm
  • St Christopher’s CARE
  • FREE

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Bereavement Buddies

If you have been caring for someone who was a patient at St Christopher’s and would like support with grief and loss, we can connect you in the first few months of your bereavement with a Bereavement Buddy.

A Bereavement Buddy is someone who knows about loss, grief and bereavement from their own experiences and is ready to listen, support and connect you to helpful offers and opportunities in early bereavement.

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Bereavement Help Points

Join our friendly Bereavement Help Points held weekly
by volunteers across South East London and online. Share your feelings and experience of loss bereavement, and listen and support others with theirs.

Healthy Walks

Connect with others, share your experiences of death, dying and loss and enjoy walking in nature all year round at our weekly Healthy Walks. Leaving from outside St Christopher’s CARE every Thursday at 1.30pm join our friendly group

Join us – whether you are looking for support or offering it to others. Or both. Here are our events and activities. We look forward to welcoming you.

For more information, please click on the session title in the timetable below or email / call (0) 208 768 4330

  • Open to all groups – Plum
  • Bereavement Support – Warm Teal
  • Carers Support – Mauve







Our activities are offered in person and online for what works for you.
Explore our offer to find out more.

How could you help?

Could you share your lived experience, listening ear, support and friendship?

We know the power of peer support.

Could you act and offer your time to someone living with death, dying and loss either 1-1 or in a group setting?

You will be supporting people in their caring roles, at the end of their lives and in their bereavement

Your time, skills and compassion are invaluable

You could help from as little as an hour a week to much more

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