Compassionate Neighbours

Compassionate Neighbours

Building caring communities

Compassionate Neighbours in South East London

If you are living with a chronic, long-term or life-limiting illness, or are older and experiencing loneliness or social isolation, or if you care for someone in this situation, you could be linked with a Compassionate Neighbour.

Compassionate Neighbours are fully trained local people who provide their time, companionship and support to people living in their community. We match people together according to their hobbies, interests and geography in the hope to grow genuine friendships. Compassionate Neighbours is provided free of charge.

Compassionate Neighbours can support you by:

  • Visit weekly for a cup of tea and a chat
  • Offering friendship and a listening ear
  • Help you do the things you like doing
  • Help you stay connected to your friends, family and the community

Would you like a Compassionate Neighbour?

If you, or someone you know, would like to be connected with a Compassionate Neighbour, please get in touch with the Compassionate Neighbours team to see if there are any Compassionate Neighbours in your area. You can reach us on 0208 768 4619 or 07718 250363 or

To nominate someone to be connected with a Compassionate Neighbour, please complete this form with their permission and email to

Could you be a Compassionate Neighbour?

If you would like to join our network of Compassionate Neighbours and live in Lambeth, Croydon, Bromley, Lewisham or Southwark, have a look at our volunteering page to find out more.

More information

0208 768 4619 or 07718 250363