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Applied Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


6 days from January 2021 to July 2021
20 Jan, 2021
Six day course
20 & 21 January 2021 , 14 & 15 April 2021, 13 & 14 July 2021
9.30am-4.30pm (registration from 9.00am)
Early Bird Price until and including 20 November 2020: £1200
Normal price: £1428
All prices include VAT
Funding available through Hospice UK
St Christopher's Hospice, London
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Useful information

CBT skills for professionals working with patients with long-term conditions and end of life care

About the event

St Christopher’s Education is pleased to offer this 6 day course which is one from our series of events developed by our CBT specialists providing 1 day introductory and subject specific courses, a 3 day foundation course and this 6 day applied ‘CBT first-aider’ course providing CBT skills for health professionals.

This course will enable clinicians to develop a set of CBT-based skills and be able to apply these in their usual role, in order to help their patients in a coherent and skilled manner. This will enable patients to feel supported and understood and to identify their own inner sources of resilience. This will help patients manage the psychological distress they encounter as a result of their illness and to cope better with anxiety, panic, distress and depression. Approaches to working with complex physical symptoms to further help management of pain, breathlessness and fatigue are also taught.

The course takes place over six months, and includes:

  • Six face-to-face training days at St Christopher’s Hospice
  • Five supervision sessions of one and a half to two hours in small groups or via Skype
  • The benefit of City & Guilds Accreditation.

Dates and locations of supervision (including Skype) are negotiated at the beginning of the course and attendance at all training days and supervision sessions is mandatory in order to gain accreditation. Participants must prepare material for supervision and for the second and third pair of training days.


  • 20 & 21 January 2021 (day 1 and 2)
  • 14 & 15 April 2021 (day 3 and 4)
  • 13 & 14 July 2021 (day 5 and 6)

City & Guilds Accreditation

City & Guilds Accreditation although not mandatory it is recommended to consolidate and evidence new learning. Participants complete and submit a series of written responses to questions several weeks after day 6 of the course. We encourage a draft for comment and support before the final submission. There is also a competency assessment. In total the written assignments should take 1 hour per week for the duration of the course.

  • What will I learn?

    During the course, all participants will:

    • Develop a set of CBT-based skills, to help their patients in a coherent, systematic and skilled manner
    • Apply these skills in clinical work with distressed anxious, panicky or depressed patients
    • Implement CBT with patients experiencing physical symptoms e.g. breathlessness or pain.

    By completing the accreditation process participants will:

    • Consolidate, reinforce and apply their knowledge and competence
    • Evidence increased patient resilience and an enhanced ability to manage their emotional distress
    • Demonstrate increased confidence in using CBT,
  • Who is it for?

    This course will benefit any professional working in a health care setting with people with long-term or life-limiting conditions or who are approaching the end of life. This course will be particularly useful for those working with people with cancer, heart failure, advanced respiratory disease, continence or neurological conditions. Participants must be engaged in clinical practice in order to develop their new skills and need to be comfortable talking to and being with patient’s distress. Speaking and understanding English is vital as is participation in group supervision.

    The course is particularly useful for those working with people with cancer, heart failure, advanced respiratory disease, continence or neurological conditions and would be most suited to:

    • senior and junior doctors and nurses
    • psychologists
    • social workers
    • counsellors
    • allied health professionals
    • educationalists.

    Applicants’ knowledge and understanding of CBT principles and practice will be variable at course entry. A reading list will be provided prior to the course date and it is important that this reading is completed.

  • Course tutors

    Teaching will be delivered by a combination of the tutors below:

    Kathy Burn, CBT Therapist (BABCP Accredited) & Clinical Nurse Specialist, St Christopher’s
    Kath Mannix, Consultant in Palliative Care and CBT Therapist
    Dr Stirling Moorey, Consultant Psychiatrist, South London and Maudsley Hospital; Co-founder, Institute of Psychiatry Cognitive Therapy Course (BABCP Accredited)
    Lyn Snowden, Chartered Counselling Psychologist

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