ECHO sessions for care homes in South East London and Croydon

For care homes in South East London and Croydon

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  • Regularly scheduled
  • Care homes in South East London and Croydon only
  • Online

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Useful information

ECHO sessions for care homes in South East London and Croydon

We can provide support to set up and implement ECHO, a community of learning linking several care homes across our boroughs.

ECHO is delivered on Zoom and each community will get emailed in advance with the topic and speaker for that session and how to join. If you have any queries or are not receiving reminders please email

Please put the dates below for your community in your diary so as many of your team as possible can attend on the day.

ECHO dates for 2024/25

Wednesday 19 June 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 17 July 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 18 September 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 16 October 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 20 November 2024 2.30–4pm
Tuesday 10 December 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 22 January 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 19 February 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 19 March 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 22 May 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 26 June 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 24 July 2024   2.30–4pm
Wednesday 25 September 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 23 October 2024 2.30–4pm
Tuesday 19 November 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 11 December 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 29 January 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 26 February 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 26 March 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 5 June 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 3 July 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 4 September 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 2 October 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 6 November 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 4 December 2024 2023 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 8 January 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 5 February 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 5 March 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 12 June 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 10 July 2024   2.30–4pm
Wednesday 11 September 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 9 October 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 13 November 2024 2.30–4pm
Tuesday 3 December 2024 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 15 January 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 12 February 2025 2.30–4pm
Wednesday 12 March 2025 2.30–4pm

Wednesday 12 June 2024  2:30pm – 4:00pm 

Breathlessness Support, Hannah Doubleday, Team Lead for Rehabilitation and Wellbeing, Greenwich& Bexley Community Hospice

Wednesday 10 July 2024  2:30pm – 4:00pm

Syringe Driver, Kana Hamblyn, Palliative Nurse Specialist, G&BCH

Wednesday 11  September 2024  2:30pm – 4:00pm 

Advance Care plan UCP, Dr Lesley Bull, Medical Director G&BCH              

Wednesday   9 October 2024

Wednesday 13 November 2024

Wednesday 15 January 2025

Wednesday 12 February 2025

Wednesday 12 March 2025

For all enquiries regarding ECHO sessions at G&BCH please email Kana Hamblyn at

Using a hub-and-spoke model, care home staff are facilitated to present real cases for discussion and learning.

The ECHO team works closely with clinical nurse specialists and other members of the wider multidisciplinary team. The curricula for educational sessions are decided by care homes.

Your ECHO facilitators:

Gill Early

Gill Early

Gill started her career in a Croydon nursing home at the age of 16 years old. She trained as a nurse, graduating as a Registered General Nurse in 1986.
Read More Gill Early
Karen Duckworth

Karen Duckworth

Karen is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at St Christopher’s Hospice, caring for those at end of life in the Bromley community.  She has recently started a secondment within CARE as…
Read More Karen Duckworth

Who are ECHO sessions for?

These are for care homes in South East London and Croydon.

If you want to find out more about our additional Care Homes offering please see our Care Home Learning Partners information.

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Why our education programme?

We have a well-established programme of high quality, cutting-edge, specialist palliative care education, designed for those working in the UK and internationally.

Why St Christopher’s?

Education is at the heart of St Christopher’s mission to promote and provide hospice care of the highest standards.

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